Drifter Challenge House 001

House 001: Yvette Long

1.1 Yvette Long

1.2 Finally, A Shower

1.3 Let’s Meet Paolo!

1.4 Sages and Carrots: They’re What’s for Breakfast

1.5 Talk to Me, Please!!

1.6 A Friendly Visit

1.7 Yay for Walls!

1.8 A Tiring Day

1.9 Bring Out the Love

1.10 Date Night

1.11 Behold, a Trash Plant!

1.12 The Big Moment

1.13 A Usual Day

1.14 A Trip to the Hot Mess Express

1.15 The Nooboo Arrives!!

1.16 Poor Paolo

1.17 Cameron’s Birthday

1.18 Posing and the Fashion Police

Due to the revamping of the Drifter Challenge rules, I’ll be restarting the challenge. However, these updates will remain here for your enjoyment. Click here to access the revamped challenge. 🙂