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Founder: Felicia Devereux

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Bookworm, Foodie

Aspiration: Bestselling Author (Completed)

1.1 A Fresh Start

1.2 What a Day!

1.3 Declared Romantic Interest

1.4 Joining the Upper Crusts

1.5 A Big Date and a Burning Question

1.6 First Day Living Together

1.7 The Big Day

1.8 Time for a Nooboo

1.9 It’s Go Time!

1.10 Showing off Little Josh

1.11 Josh Ages Up

1.12 Paolo Visits

1.13 Another Nooboo?

1.14 New Friends

1.15 Here Comes Another Nooboo!

1.16 Happy Birthday, Joaquin and Felicia!

1.17 Peyton Ages Up

1.18 Hanging Out With Lana

1.19 Family Outing

Interlude: Candy’s Birthday Party

1.20 Josh Becomes a Teen

1.21 House Upgrade!

1.22 Josh’s Squad Hangs Out

1.23 Living Room Renovation and Ice Cream

1.24 Peyton’s Birthday

1.25 Jade, Paintings, and More

1.26 Time To Get Serious

1.27 Moving on to the Next Generation!