🦇🦇Welcome to Eternal Thirst, a Sims 4 Master Vampire Challenge!🦇🦇

Nate Vezina is an ordinary guy who loves hanging out with his buddies and excelling in his academics. During high school, an evil vampire broke into his family’s house and turned him and his parents into vampires. Now that Nate is a vampire, he can no longer go outside during the daytime nor can he be near garlic. He’ll have to rely on drinking other people’s blood and plasma packs to satisfy his thirst. Will he be able to become a master vampire and form his own coven? Will he be able to form new vampiric friendships and a potential romantic relationship? Join me on this fang-tastic journey as we explore Nate’s life as a vampire.

Nate’s traits are Bro, Bookworm, and Dance Machine.

The Master Vampire Challenge was created by Rory Plays The Sims. You can find the rules here.

WARNING: This story contains lots of vampire elements, which includes a number of blood sucking scenes and disregard to human life. As a result, the rating will be PG to PG-13. Please read with discretion. Thank you.

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Day 2

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