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Generation 2

2.10 A Nooboo is on Its Way!



Lana and Josh are going to have a baby in the house!

A Nooboo is on Its Way!


Josh and Lana are in the sleepwear, getting ready to woohoo. They’re ready to have a family!

“Okay, Josh. Are you ready?”, Lana asked.

“Yes I am!”, Josh said and the two of them went under the covers and woohooed.


Ooooo, it looks like the woohoo session went well! Let’s hope Lana’s pregnant!!

Sadly, after the woohoo session, Josh went to wash up and get ready for work. Once he was done, he left.


While Josh and Lana were woohooing, Peyton and Luna were outside building a rocket. I forgot to mention that Luna works as an astronaut. The game assigned her the job. Looks like Peyton has committed to stay in the legacy house, but only for a few days.


Lana went into the bathroom and took a pregnancy test.

“Wow!! I’m pregnant with our first child! Josh and his parents will be so happy to hear the news!!!”, Lana said.


Lana washed up and went to meet Joaquin and Felicia over a dinner of pancakes.

“Joaquin, I have some great news for you and Felicia!”, Lana said.

“What is it, Lana??”, Joaquin asked.

“I’m pregnant! Josh and I are going to have a new addition in the family!”, Lana said.

“Really??? Congratulations!! Dear, we’re going to be grandparents!”, Joaquin said.

“We’re are?? Hooray, I’m going to be a grandmother!”, Felicia said.


Josh arrived home and grabbed himself a serving of pancakes and joined the family at the table.

“Josh, sweetie! I have some great news!”, Lana said.

“You do? Do tell,” Josh said.


“I took a pregnancy test and I tested positive!! We’re going to have a new addition in the family!”, Lana said.

“Are you serious??”, Josh said.

“Yes!! You’re going to be a great father!”, Lana said.

“You’re going to be a fantastic mother!”, Josh said.


All the great news made Josh extremely happy!

“This. This is the greatest day ever! I got a promotion and we’re going to have a baby!”, Josh said.

“I heard the news about Lana’s pregnancy! Congrats, Lana and Josh! You two are going to be great parents!”, Peyton said as he joined the family at the dining table.

“I’m going to take great care of my children, feeding them, changing them, and cuddling them to sleep! As they grow up, I’m going to shield them from trouble and make them as successful as they can be!”, Josh said.

Josh and Lana are going to have a new addition! I can’t wait for the day Lana gives birth! Let’s hope it’s twins! ūüôā


2.11 Peyton’s Big Idea



Peyton has a big idea! What could it be?

2.11 Peyton’s Big Idea


It’s another day at the Devereux family house! Peyton has a big idea and he’s sharing it with Josh.

“Josh, you know I’m into art, right?”, Peyton asked.

“Yes, I do. In fact, you tend to paint nonstop. Remember that time Mom and Dad tried to call you to the dinner table, but you were busy painting? You were so busy painting that you didn’t keep track of the time and you got yourself a stone cold dinner,”Josh said.

“I do remember. After what happened that day, I promised myself to stop painting when it’s time for work and when it’s time to eat. Anyway, I’ve been planning this for months! I’m going to open an art museum and paintings of our family members will be hung there. I have some blueprints and sketches of what it’ll look like. Would you like to see them?”, Peyton said.

“Sure, bro!”, Josh said and Peyton showed Josh the pictures.


After looking at the blueprints and sketches, Josh got excited for the museum.

“This is such a stupendous idea! Have you told Mom and Dad about it yet?”, Josh asked

“Not yet. I’ll keep it as a surprise,” Peyton said.

“I really love the idea of a family art museum with portraits of our family members displayed there! That way, our descendants can learn about our family history!”, Josh said.

“Glad you love it! Today, I’m going to the lot where the museum will be built. Want to join me?”, Peyton asked.

“Sure! Let’s go!”, Josh said and the boys headed to the lot where the museum will be built.


The family art museum will be located in the world of Newcrest.

“Okay, bro. Here we are at Newcrest,” Peyton said.

“I’ve never been to Newcrest before! It’s such a beautiful place! Definitely a great place for restaurants, houses, and museums to be built!”, Josh said.

“True! Anyway, this is the lot where the art museum will be built,” Peyton said.

“Excellent! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get building!”, Josh said and the boys went ahead to build the art museum.


After hours of construction, the museum building itself is ready. However, there are no paintings, so it can’t be open immediately.

“Okay bro, the construction is done! The only thing left to do is to get some paintings!”, Peyton said.

“Right! So, let’s head home to paint pictures of ourselves, Mom, Dad, Lana, and Luna,” Josh said and the boys headed home.


“Mom, could you come outside and pose for me? I need to paint a picture of you,” Peyton asked.

“Sure! Anything for my dear son!”, Felicia said and went outside with Peyton. He got out his easel and started to paint Felicia’s portrait.


After Peyton finished painting Felicia’s portrait, Felicia went to check it out.

“Wow! You did an excellent job with it!”, Felicia said.

“I sure did!”, Peyton did.

“Why did you need to paint a picture of me?”, Felicia asked.

“I have plans to open an art museum and portraits of our family members will be displayed there! I already Josh all about it and he thought it was a great idea!”, Peyton said.


“A family art museum?? I love that idea! You’re amazing!”, Felicia said and hugged Peyton.

“I decided to open an art museum because not only I love art, but I would love help preserve the history of the family, even though I’m not the heir of the legacy,” Peyton said.

“This is indeed a brilliant way to preserve our family legacy! Wait until your father hears about this! He’s going to be pleased when he hears about this!”, Felicia said.


Next, Peyton painted a picture of Joaquin.


Another complete painting!

“I’m confident that a lot of people will visit my museum and learn the history of my family!”, Peyton said.


Meanwhile, Felicia’s on the computer writing another Book of Life. She couldn’t keep her excitement because in two days, Beryl Heffner will be in Windenburg promoting her latest book.

“I can’t wait to meet her, get a picture with her, and ask what her writing technique is like!”, Felicia said.


After Joaquin’s portrait was done, Peyton painted a picture of Josh.


Josh then painted a picture of Peyton.

The boys spent the rest of the day painting pictures of the family members for the family art museum. Everyone around Sim Nation will have an opportunity to learn about the Devereux family history.

Special Treat


Here’s the current Devereux family. Such a darling family, isn’t it?

2.9 Peyton and Luna’s Wedding



Peyton and Luna get married!

Peyton and Luna’s Wedding


Today’s the day Peyton and Luna are getting married! They have planned to have the wedding at family legacy house! Here comes Luna in her wedding dress!!


“Bro, today’s the day I’m getting married to the beautiful Luna Villareal!”, Peyton said.

“I know! Congratulations to you and Luna! I guarantee that you two will raise a happy and healthy family,” Josh said.


Hugo arrived and saw Peyton and Luna making out!

“Woo-hoo!! Go, Peyton and Luna!! I can’t believe my sis is getting married!”, Hugo said.

“I hardly believe it, Hugo! It almost feels like the¬†day I’ve met this cutie!”, Luna said.

“Sigh. Memories! Look at us. From the day we met to today, we went from being friends to now newlyweds!”, Peyton said.


Here comes Candy. Oooo, she’s mad. She’s probably mad about her friends forgetting her birthday.


Sergio came up to Peyton to send his congratulations to him.

“Wow! You and Luna?? She’s one of my Paragon friends and she’s amazing! I’m happy for the both of you!”, Sergio said.

“Thanks, Sergio!”, Peyton said.


Josh got out the wedding cake he made yesterday and put a wedding topper on it.

“Ta-da! Here’s the wedding cake!”, Josh said.


Now for the moment you all have been waiting for! It’s time for Luna and Peyton to get married! First, they exchanged vows. They promised each other that they’ll stay together forever and stay loyal to each other.


“Come on, folks! Peyton and Luna are exchanging vows!!”, Paolo said and everyone followed him to watch Peyton and Luna.


Next up, the ring exchanges!


It’s official!! Peyton and Luna are pronounced husband and wife!


“Now that we’re married, shall we¬†live somewhere else??”, Peyton asked.

“Hmmmm. That’s a tough question. I’ll have to think about it,” Luna said.

“Same here. I really want to remain in the legacy house, but I have a feeling that once we have children and Josh and Lana have children, the house will become crowded,” Peyton said.

“I feel you. Let’s have some time to think about it,” Luna said.


“Sweetie, I’m so happy for you! Congratulatons to you and Luna!”, Felicia said.

“Thanks, Mom!”, Peyton said.


“Sweetheart, I want a massage. My shoulder hurts so much!”, Lana said.

“You got it, darling!”, Josh said and massaged Lana.


Peyton got a selfie with Luna. #married


Finally, a selfie with Candy, one of the Devereuxses’ trusted family friends!

Peyton is officially married!¬†There’s a bright future ahead for them!

2.8 Josh Gets Married



Josh and Lana get married!

Josh Gets Married


Today’s Josh’s wedding!! We start the day off with Peyton sharing the news to Felicia and Joaquin! Great breakfast you got there, folks.

“Mom and Dad, I’m engaged to Luna!!”, Peyton said.

“OMG, really??? Congratulations, sweetheart!!”, Felicia said.

“Congrats, son! I hope you and Luna will have a wonderful future together! When is the wedding??”, Joaquin asked.

“The day after tomorrow,” Peyton said.

“Great! I hope you and Luna have everything ready. Where will you do the wedding?”, Felicia asked.

“How about at our house?”, Peyton asked.

“Well, sure. All you need is some benches and a wedding arch,” Felicia said.


Meanwhile, Josh couldn’t keep his excitement about getting married.

“Hey, babe! It’s wedding day!,” Josh said.

“It is! I’m so excited!!¬†Is everything ready for the wedding??”, Lana asked.

“Yup! We got everything set! We invited our friends and some of our family friends!”, Josh said.

“Great! Okay, I got to go get ready now. See you soon, darling! Hugs and kisses!”, Lana said and both she and Josh went to get ready for the wedding.


Okay, folks! The wedding is happening now! The guests are outside the Von Haunt estate, where the ghosts of Bernard and Mimsy reside. Let’s hope they won’t make the guests tense.


Wow!! Look at how pretty Lana is in her white wedding dress!!


“Elsa, thank you so much for coming to my wedding!”, Josh said.

“You’re very welcome, Josh! Congratulations to you and Lana! You two are guaranteed to have a great future together!”, Elsa said.

“I have the same feeling too!”, Josh said.


“Wow! This maze is fun! I feel like a little girl again!”, Felicia said as she walked around the hedge maze. She remembered the day when she was little,¬†her mom took her and her siblings here and while her mom and dad toured the house, she, her sister and her brother would play in the maze.


Joaquin was also walking around the maze! Walking around the maze brought back memories for the two. You two better not stay there all day because pretty soon, the vow exchanges will begin.


It’s time for Josh and Lana to get married. The first thing they did was exchanging vows. They promised each other to stay loyal to each other and be together until the day they die. If anything goes wrong, they’ll sit together and talk about it, rather than hide it.


Next up is the exchanging of wedding rings. They got each other diamond rings.


….and it’s official!! Josh and Lana are now husband and wife!!


“I love you from the moon and back, Lana, honey!”, Josh said.

“I love you too, Joshy!”, Lana said.

“Say, how many children would you like?”, Josh asked.

“How about 3 children?”, Lana said.

“Sounds like a big responsibility, but we can handle it, right?”, Josh asked.

“Yes we can, sweetie,” Lana said.


Max did his usual evil laugh. *MUAHAHAHAHA* Don’t you start planning something disastrous, Max……


Hugo prepared a beautiful wedding cake! Way to go, Hugo! Like Mila, he’s a graet caterer! Josh took a piece of the cake and shared it with Lana.

“Here, honey, have some cake,” Josh said and fed Lana cake.

“Have some too,” Lana said and fed Josh cake.

“Yum! This is delectable!”, Josh said.

“Delicious! Hugo is a fantastic cook!”, Lana said.


Let’s not forget about that Fruit and Yogurt Portrait!

“Hey, guys! There’s some yogurt waiting for us! Come and get it!”, Josh said and everyone rushed to where Josh was and grabbed a serving.


Everyone enjoyed the food and drinks! So far, this wedding is going smoothly!


“Congratulations, Joshy!! May I get a picture with you??”, Candy asked.

“Sure!”, Josh said and he and Candy got a selfie, using Candy’s imaginary phone.


After they got a selfie, Candy twirled around and her hair turned gray and she got wrinkles.

OH NO! Candy aged up on her own!¬†We’re¬†so sorry that we forgot about your birthday! Could Max be behind Candy aging at their wedding?? No wonder Max did that evil laugh earlier.


Hey, at least Josh got a selfie with her!


“Whoa! I can’t believe I’m an old lady now! Retirement, here I come!”, Candy said.

Josh and Lana are married!! They’re going to have a great future together, creating a beautiful family, having fun, and carrying the legacy along!

2.7 2nd Date with Luna



Peyton goes on another date with Luna! He also has a special question to ask her!

2nd Date with Luna


It’s another morning at the Devereux family house. Peyton started the day off in a sad mood. Don’t be sad, Peyton! Today, you’re going on another date with Luna!

A few minutes later, Peyton got a text from Lucas Munch and Lucas told him that he’s stopping by to hang out. Peyton told him to come by, but reminded him that he has to leave in an hour.


At around 12 PM, Lucas arrived and the boys went straight to chatting.

“Hello there, my friend!”, Lucas said.

“Hey, Lucas! I hope your morning was off to a great start! Mine wasn’t,” Peyton said.

“I’m so sorry to hear that you had a bad start. As for me, it was great! We’re getting over the death of our mother,” Lucas said.

“I heard. Hugo Villareal told my mom about it and she couldn’t stop crying for days!! She’s one of my mom’s dearest friends and a great caterer to our parties! Just curious, how did she die?”, Peyton said.

“Lung cancer,” Lucas said.

“That’s terrifying!!”, Peyton said.

“I know, right??”, Lucas said.


“I have some news to share: I now have a girlfriend,” Peyton said.

“You really do, dude?? Who??”, Lucas asked.

“Luna Villareal, Max’s sister,” Peyton said.

“Whoa, that’s radical, dude! Congratulations!”, Lucas said.


“In fact, at 1 PM, she and I are going on a date this afternoon!”, Peyton said.

“Cool! I hope you two will have fun!”, Lucas said.


At 1 PM, Luna and Peyton set off to Desert Bloom Park, where they’ll have their date.


“Come here, my love!”, Peyton said and gave Luna a suave kiss.

“Hehehe. You’re so cute, Peyton!”, Luna said.


The two found a nice bench to sit on and the two went ahead and made out.


30 minutes, Peyton and Luna got a selfie together!  #date #romance


“I have a special question for you!”, Peyton said.

“Oooo, I love surprises!!! What is it??”, Luna asked.

“Okay, here goes nothing,” Peyton said.


Peyton got out a diamond ring and showed it to Luna.

“Luna Villareal, will you marry me?”, Peyton asked.

Luna thought about it for a few minutes.

“YES! I will!”, Luna said.


Luna accepted the proposal!! YES! They’re now engaged!! Woo-hoo!!

“It’s a beautiful ring! I love it!”, Luna said.


“Come here, sweetums!”, Peyton said and Luna hopped onto his arms.

“I love you, Pey Pey,” Luna said.

“Love you too, babe,” Peyton said.


They kissed


…and passionate kissed. Look at them! Aren’t they a cute couple??


“OH MY GOD! We have to plan a wedding now! When should we have it???”, Peyton asked.

“How about next week? I’m booked for the rest of the week,” Luna said.

“Okay, sounds good! ¬†By the way, my older bro has his wedding scheduled next week too!”, Peyton said.

“Really?? Congrats to him!”, Luna said.


After a great day with Luna, Peyton was so tired that he headed off to bed.

Be prepared for wedding posts in the next two updates!! ūüôā

2.6 Peyton and Luna’s Date



Peyton and Luna go on their first date! Let’s see who that goes!

Peyton and Luna’s Date


Luna texted Peyton, asking him on date! He gladly accepted and met Luna at the Hedgehog Cafe, where they’ll have their date.

“Luna! How are you on this fine day!”, Peyton asked.

“I’m a little nervous about this date, but otherwise, I’m great!”, Luna said.


“Let’s hope nothing goes wrong on this date!”, Peyton said.

“Same here!”, Luna said.

“Say, you’re quite a beauty! Here’s a kiss. Muah!”, Peyton said as he flirted with Luna.

“Oh, heyyyy”, Luna said.


Peyton decided to embrace Luna, so he went ahead to do it. As he opened his arms, Luna got startled.

“Uh, Peyton, what are you doing??”, Luna asked.

“I’m going to embrace you!”, Peyton said.

“Stop right there! You’re going way too fast with the romantic gestures!”, Luna said.

“Whoops,” Peyton said.

“That’s fine. Let’s go inside and get settled,” Luna said and the two went inside.


Peyton recalled his parents saying that being confident is the key to winning over a lover. He told Luna he had to use the restroom and when he got there, he brushed his teeth. Doing so made him confidence.


Meanwhile, Luna was chatting with the barista. The barista was telling Luna about her rushing to work because she overslept.

“And so, I had to rush out of bed and I was in such a hurry that didn’t even had a chance to put on¬†my¬†shoes! Next time, I should set my alarm before I go to bed,” the barista said.

“What a hectic morning it must be for you!”, Luna said.


“Hey, Luna. I’m back!”, Peyton said.

“I was talking to one of the baristas¬†and she said that she came to work without any shoes on! How weird is that??”, Luna asked.

“Her feet must’ve hurt from all that running, especially on those hard stone sidewalks!”, Peyton said.

“I feel bad for her,” Luna said.

“Same here,” Peyton said.


Remember the barista told Luna that she had to rush to work without her shoes? There you have it. She did go to work without any shoes! Poor lady.


Feeling confident, Peyton decided to blow a kiss to Luna. Luna enjoyed it so much that she’s bound to be flirty.

“Woooo!!!”, Luna said.

“Muah!”, Peyton said.

“I better move so that I don’t make this awkward,” Summer said to herself.


A few romantic interactions later, it was time for Luna and Peyton to have their first kiss!

“Okay, Luna, are you ready?”, Peyton asked.

“Ready for what?”, Luna asked.

“Our first kiss!”, Peyton said and kissed Luna on the lips.

“WOW! That kiss was amazing! You’re a great kisser!”, Luna said.


After the first kiss, they embraced. Aren’t they a cute couple??


It was getting late, so Luna and Peyton decided to call it a night and end the date.

“Okay, babe. I have got to go now! Hugo is treating me and Max to dinner tonight!”, Luna said.

“Have fun! Thank you for the date! Take care and I’ll see you later!”, Peyton said.

“Good night!”, Luna said and headed home.


“Oh yeah! I won Luna’s heart! This is the best day ever!”, Peyton said feeling flirty.


After a great date with Luna, Peyton headed home to paint a flirty painting! It was a cat couple eating spaghetti! How cute!


I have more great news!! Felicia officially finished her aspiration! Before she passes away, she’ll write the Book of Life for each family member.

2.5 Going Green



Josh decided to go to the park to do some exploring!

Going Green


It’s a sunny day in Willow Creek and Josh is at the Magnolia Blossom Park. Today, he’s going to do some exploring.

“Ahhhh. Fresh air!”, Josh said.


He saw a beautiful growfruit tree near the river. For those of you who played the Spring Challenge, remember those growfruit trees? It’s funny how my legacy save still has them!

“Wait. I thought the Spring Challenge was over months ago. Oh well, I might as well collect some growfruit,” Josh said and went to the growfruit tree and picked 10 growfruit.


2 hours later, Josh became hungry, so he headed to a picnic area and grilled some veggie burgers.

“Got to try those! I’ve been having myself too many beef burgers lately,” Josh said.


After he cooked the burgers, he set the plate on a picnic table and helped himself to one. He took a bite of the scrumptious veggie burger and loved it.

“Yum! This is as good as beef burgers!! I should also try turkey burgers!”, Josh said.

After he polished off his burgers, he decided to put the burgers in a container to take home. He doesn’t want to leave the food rotting on the table.


Feeling a little exhausted, he went on a park bench and took a brief nap.

“Zzzzzzzzzz”, Josh said as he napped.


That nap made Josh energized. Feeling great, he went to collect more crystals and harvestables before it got late.


After a fun filled day at the park, Josh went and tended the garden. Joaquin came out to see him.

“Hey, son! How was your day at the park?”, Joaquin asked.

“It was wonderful! Got myself some crystals, fruits, herbs, vegetables, and flowers!”, Josh said.

“Excellent, son! I see you’re tending the family garden! That’s my boy!”, Joaquin said.


A few minutes later, Felicia went out to check up on Josh and Joaquin.

“Sweetie, I see you’re taking good care of the family garden!”, Felicia said.

“Yes I am, Mom!”, Josh said.

“Excellent! This garden shall remain in the legacy family house because it’s a family treasure! Your children and descendants must take good care of it. You hear me?”, Felicia said.

“Clear as a bell!”, Josh said.


After Josh took care of the garden, he headed back into the house to cook dinner for the family.

“Sigh. I love my sons! They’re truly angels!”, Felicia said.

2.4 Luna-tastic!

06-15-16_11-40-40 PM


Peyton finds love! Who could it be?


During Peyton’s teenage years, Hugo introduced Luna to him, saying that she’s looking for some love and he thought that he would be a good match to her, but Peyton had to wait until he’s a YA to date her. So, tonight, for the first time, Peyton and Luna express their love to each other.

06-15-16_11-42-18 PM

After Peyton celebrated his birthday, he and Josh headed to the Villareals’ house. Josh went inside to chat with Max and Hugo while Peyton chatted with Luna.

“Hello there, Luna! How was work?”, Peyton said.

“Oh, it was exhausting!¬†We had several space missions cancelled due to weather! Other than that, it was a very productive day!”, Luna said.

“Glad to hear that! Say, are you ready for a night of romance?”, Peyton said.

“Whoa, whoa, buster. Not so fast! We barely know each other and you want to us to make out?? Seriously,” Luna said.

“Oops. I meant to ask if you’re ready for a night of socializing?”, Peyton asked.

“Yes I am!”, Luna said.

06-15-16_11-44-25 PM

“But first, do you still have my number?”, Peyton asked.

“Let me check,” Luna said and checked her phone. She saw the number and told him she still has it.

“Great! I sent you something!”, Peyton said.

“Really?? Let me check my messages!”, Luna said and checked the message Peyton sent to her. It turned out to be a cute animated card that says, “I love you, Luna, from the moon and back!”

06-15-16_11-45-16 PM

“Awwww, Peyton! You’re too sweet! I see you’re¬†in love with me, but let’s not go too fast! Going too fast can result in rejected proposals!”, Luna said.

“True, true,” Peyton said.

“So, tell a bit about yourself!”, Luna said.

“I’m an outgoing and gloomy bookworm. My mom’s a writer while my dad’s a comedian. My older brother Josh is a chef. I work as a painter and my dream is to open my very own art museum!”, Peyton said.

“You have a dream to open an art museum?? That’s radical!”, Luna said.

06-15-16_11-45-30 PM

After an hour or so of getting to know each other better, Peyton tried out some romantic gestures! It turned out Luna took it! The key to successful romantic gesture is to be confident.

06-15-16_11-47-26 PM

After hours and hours of romantic interactions, midnight has arrived and it was time to call it a night.

“Okay, sweetums. It’s time that I go,” Peyton said.

“No, don’t go! I want to be with you!”, Luna said.

“Me too, but we got things to do¬†tomorrow!”, Peyton said.

“Right. Okay, have a good night. Call or text me, okay?”, Luna said.

“Will do!”, Peyton said.

06-15-16_11-47-40 PM

Meanwhile, Josh, Max, and Hugo were in the house.

“Great! Looks like Peyton scored true love with our sis, Max!”, Hugo said.

“I knew for a fact that Luna is a great match to him!”, Max said.

“I do agree, but I still don’t know about the big age difference between them. Could that cause a problem?”, Josh asked.

“I have confidence that it shouldn’t!”, Hugo said.

“I can sense my bro is really in love with Luna. I can’t stop him from declaring his true love,” Josh said.

Peyton called Josh over because it was time for them to go home. This is it folks. Peyton found someone he truly loves.

2.3 Peyton enters Young Adulthood

06-15-16_11-30-42 PM


Peyton ages up into a young adult!

Peyton enters Young Adulthood

06-15-16_11-21-40 PM

It’s Peyton’s birthday!! Josh’s in the kitchen preparing a hamburger cake, the same one Peyton had on his childhood birthday.

“My bro is growing up so fast!”, Josh said as he prepared the cake.

06-15-16_11-30-33 PM

In 30 minutes, the cake was prepared and Josh put the finishing touches to it. Once that’s done, he called Peyton over.

“Ah! Hamburger cake! My fav!”, Peyton said.

“Mom, Dad, and I know you’re a big fan of hamburgers, so we decided to make a hamburger cake on your birthday!”, Josh said.

“Sweet! So, I guess it’s time that I blow out the candles,” Peyton said.

“Yes it is! Make a wish and blow out the candles!”, Josh said.

“OK, here it goes,” Peyton said and blew the ca

06-15-16_11-30-40 PM

In a matter of seconds, Peyton twirled around and became a young adult.

I’m sorry to say this, but Peyton got the gloomy trait as his adult trait. But hey, they tend to be creative while sad, so that’s a plus.

06-15-16_11-33-03 PM

Peyton’s all grown up! Since he has the Painter Extraordinare aspiration, I decided that he get a job in the painter career! Suits him well.

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