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Chrysanthemums and Love

Chrysanthemums and Love 1.17: Cameron’s Birthday

06-24-16_12-22-38 AM


The House 002 heir ages up!!

Cameron’s Birthday

Yay!! Today’s Cameron’s birthday, which means that he’ll be aging up! Woo-hoo!! I went up to his bassinet and aged him up!

06-24-16_12-19-52 AM

In a matter of seconds, the bassinet shaked and out came Cameron! How cute does he look???

When he aged up, he inherited the loves outdoors trait from me. Hmmm. That should be the trait that shall be carried throughout the challenge. What do you all think?

06-24-16_12-20-10 AM

Cameron, I like the overalls you have on. That hat’s cute, but it has to go. Those pink shoes aren’t your type. So let’s bring you to the closet for a change of clothes!

06-24-16_12-21-12 AM

Here’s a close up of Cameron after giving him a couple of changes to his outfits. Who does he take up after? Me or Paolo?

06-24-16_12-22-25 AM

Much better! He’s so adorable in his new clothes!!

Ah, I see Paolo woke up, looking flithy and tried at the same time. Instead of heading to the shower, he decided to go back to sleep. Not a smart choice, Paolo.

06-24-16_12-22-52 AM

“Let’s take a picture together, sweetie!!”, I said.

“Okay, Mommy!!”, Cameron said.

“Anjee!!”, I said and we took the picture.

06-24-16_12-23-05 AM

I shall leave you all with me expressing my love to Cameron. He’s so cute!!!

Finally, Cameron is now a child! Thank you for drifting with me! I’ll see you all later! Bye! ❤

Author’s Notes

For my legacy challenge, I use the Random Trait Generator. For this challenge, here’s how I’ll go with choosing the traits and aspiration: I chose one trait from mom, one trait from dad, and the last trait (I call it the speciality trait) and aspiration will be chosen based on the Sim’s interests.

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Chrysanthemums and Love 1.18: Posing and the Fashion Police

06-24-16_12-32-17 AM


Fashion disasters and posing. What more can you ask for! Be prepared for lots of LOLs!

Posing and the Fashion Police

Oh, hello, again! It’s great that you’re here!

OMG, after aging up Cameron, I saw lots of fashion disasters outside my window! It loos like those Sims who were children at the start are now teens. Somebody, call the fashion police!

06-24-16_12-23-57 AM

That’s Alexander Goth. OMG, that tank looks hideous on you! Cool shades, though. Speaking of footwear, those shoes don’t match the outfit you’re wearing.

06-24-16_12-24-04 AM

Next up, Lucas Munch. He’s looking so cute! Hmmmm. Your outfit looks great!

06-24-16_12-24-11 AM

Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis has the best outfit so far! Awww, you’re sad? Don’t worry. Your day is guaranteed to get better.

06-24-16_12-24-31 AM

There’s Elsa Bjergsen. I don’t think you should be wearing high heel shoes with those shorts. Wear sandals or some sneakers. You’re one pretty young lady.

06-24-16_12-24-47 AM

Lastly, Max Villreal. Look at how mad he is. He probably hates the game for giving him this hideous outfit. Again, he’s wearing the same hideous tank that Alexander Goth wore.

06-24-16_12-25-24 AM

After looking outside at those fashion disasters, I need to go wash out my eyes! I went to the sink to get myself a glass of water and then sat down with Cameron. I can see he’s having fun watching the kids network. Remember, Cameron, school begins in a hour.

06-24-16_12-27-29 AM

I see Paolo woke up hungry for food. Here, he’s got a plate of mac and cheese and he’s NAKED!

06-24-16_12-27-46 AM

It’s 3 PM and Cameron is back from school. The first thing he decided to do was play in the closet! Isn’t he adorable? Look! He’s pretending to be Superman!

06-24-16_12-31-56 AM

Cameron, where are you going??! You know it’s too dangerous to cross the street without Mommy and Daddy!! *Tsk* Kids.

Is Eliza Pancakes giving that elderly man a bro hug?? I thought only bro Sims do that to each other. I’m confused…..

06-24-16_12-32-09 AM

“Oh, hello there, young man. You know it’s not safe to be out alone without your parents,” Eliza said.

“Right. Sorry,” Cameron said.

“It’s okay. Is that house your home?”, Eliza said as she pointed to our house.

“Yes!”, Cameron said.

“Good. Go home now. Your mom and dad must be worried about you,” Eliza said.

“Ok!”, Cameron said and went home.

06-24-16_12-32-27 AM

LOL! Before Eliza continued on with her jog, she posed!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! XD

06-24-16_12-32-52 AM

Paolo’s back from work and the first thing he did was pose!! What’s this world turning into??

06-24-16_12-33-06 AM

Cameron? Seriously?? You chose to sleep on the bench?? We have a sofa for you to sleep on until we buy you a bed.

Okay, I’ll talk to you guys soon! Happy Drifting and I’ll see you all later! Bye! ❤

Author’s Notes

LOL to all the posing and fashion disasters! Cameron sleeping on the bench got me worried. I mean there’s only one bed in the house and there’s a sofa that he could sleep on.

Chrysanthemums and Love 1.16: Poor Paolo

06-24-16_12-14-07 AM


Paolo suffers today. This is what happens most of the time when we’re allowed to control only 1 Sim.

Poor Paolo

06-24-16_12-09-02 AM

*Yawns* Morning, all. I’ve been woken up by Cameron’s screaming. Looks like he’s in a need of a diaper change and some cuddling.

06-24-16_12-09-25 AM

“There, there, darling. Mommy’s here”, I said to Cameron and went ahead and changed his diaper. After that, I cuddled with him. He felt better and happier afterwards.

06-24-16_12-11-01 AM

I went outside to see Paolo.

“Good morning, sweetie,” I said.

“Good morning, babe. Did you sleep well?”, Paolo asked.

“I did!”, Paolo said.

“Guess what? Our kitchen has walls now! I’m making progress!!”, I said.

“That’s great! I’m getting tired of cooking in the open air with all those nasty mosquitoes and flies flying around!”, Paolo said.

06-24-16_12-11-13 AM

Check out this cute pose we did!! We’re telling you all that we love you and we want to thank you all for supporting us in this challenge!

Later this afternoon, Paolo went to work and I hate to say this, but he wasn’t feeling good when he left. I wonder what will happen after he gets home from work.

06-24-16_12-14-17 AM

Paolo’s back and wow, he’s flithy and tired. He was so tired that he passed out. Poor Paolo.

A few minutes later, he got up and JUST stood there! Come on, Paolo! You need your rest and shower!

06-24-16_12-14-13 AM

After standing for about 5 minutes, he passed out AGAIN! If this were an ISBI challenge, then the player would’ve lost points! Thank god it’s not an ISBI challenge.

Just wanted to bring a short update on us. Thank you so much for drifting with me and I’ll see you later! Happy Drifting!

Author’s Notes

Poor Paolo had low energy and hygiene needs when he left for work. It’s a shame that we can’t control him. The rules say that I can control only my founder, heir or heiress. The only times I’m allowed to control other Sims in the households are when I need to age them up, have them take pregnancy tests, claim beds, or have the baby at the hospital.

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Chrysanthemums and Love 1.15: The Nooboo Arrives!!

06-23-16_11-52-30 PM


This is it, folks!! Yvette gave birth to the heir for House 002!!

The Nooboo Arrives!!

06-23-16_11-50-13 PM

Oh, hi! It’s great to see you Drifters!! Here I am enjoying a nice BLT and……

OH NO! My water broke! That means I’m ready to give birth! I hope there’s a bassinet ready for me!

06-23-16_11-50-28 PM

Oh, good. There’s a bassinet. Excuse me while I give birth to what will be the heir/heiress for House 002.

06-23-16_11-52-26 PM

TA-DA!! It’s a boy!! I shall name him Cameron!

06-23-16_11-54-32 PM

After I held Cameron, I put him in the bassinet and started to coo him. Isn’t he such a cutie?? This is the best day ever!!

06-23-16_11-55-17 PM

“Sweetie!! I heard you gave birth! May I see the baby?”, Paolo asked.

“Yes! Here he is!! I gave birth to a baby boy and I named him Cameron!”, I said.

06-23-16_11-55-59 PM

“Awwww, he’s so cute!! I’m going to be an awesome father!”, Paolo said.

“You will be! I can’t wait to see him grow up and such!”, I said.

This is a major event in this challenge!! Cameron is going to be the heir for House 002! Thank you all for drifting with me and I’ll talk to you guys soon! Bye! ❤

Author’s Notes

Yvette gave birth to Cameron, the heir for House 002!! This is awesome!! 🙂 For the next houses, if there are twins or triplets, then whoever I name first will be the heir or heiress for the next house.

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Chrysanthemums and Love 1.14: A Trip to the Hot Mess Express

06-23-16_11-29-05 PM


Things are not looking good for Yvette.

A Trip to the Hot Mess Express

06-23-16_11-28-56 PM

Things are not off to a good start! I woke up with the urge to pee and when I got to the bathroom, the toilet was broken! As my bladder need was at a critical level, I had no choice but to pee myself. PEE MYSELF. WHY.

Welcome to the Hot Mess Express.

06-23-16_11-33-34 PM

After that embarrassing moment, I took a shower and fixed the toilet.


06-23-16_11-34-23 PM

My garden has food! I shall harvest the fruits and vegetables and eat them to fill up my hunger needs!

06-23-16_11-34-41 PM

*Sigh* Now to do my usual “office” work. Look at the size of my stomach! I think it’s almost time for the baby to come out.

06-23-16_11-36-11 PM

Tonight, it was Paolo’s turn to make dinner.

Really, Paolo? You’re making earwax salad? Gross.

06-23-16_11-38-11 PM

“Sweetie!”, I said.

“My darling Yvette!”, Paolo said.

“Let’s snuggle together, shall we?”, I asked.

“Let’s do this,” Paolo said and we snuggled for a while.

06-23-16_11-39-56 PM

“Paolo, want to feel the baby?”, I asked.

“Sure!”, Paolo said and he felt my stomach.

“Wow, I can feel the baby kicking! When is the baby due?”, Paolo asked.

“I’m in my third trimester. I should be going into labor soon,” I said.

06-23-16_11-43-48 PM

Great news, people! We have enough fund to add more walls! So far, we have a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room! The kitchen will be next!

OK, I shall be heading to bed now! Thank you for drifting with me and I’ll talk to you guys soon! Bye! ❤

Author’s Notes

Yvette’s day went off to a bumpy start after she peed herself. So far, the house is taking shape and the baby is about to be out soon! I’m so excited!

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Chrysanthemums and Love 1.13: A Usual Day


Smelly hygiene and a usual day of work. What more can you ask for?

A Usual Day

It’s another day in the Drifter Challenge! Paolo’s having breakfast and he just blew me a kiss! I love you, Paolo!

Oh dear, Paolo has the urge to pee and he’s starting to smell! Go pee before you wet yourself and become filthy!

06-23-16_11-17-29 PM

Later this afternoon, Paolo headed to work while I went off to do my daily work at the “office”, collecting frogs, gems, and plants. I have to say, there are so many unique species of plants and frogs.

After I collected the collectables and sold them, I had enough money to add a wall and door to the bathroom. Finally some privacy!

06-23-16_11-24-29 PM

Evening has arrived and Paolo arrived home filthy!

“EWWW! I smell! Better go take a shower!”, Paolo said and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

06-23-16_11-26-45 PM

After he took the shower, he decided to go work out (Turns on energized aura on the gemstones).

06-23-16_11-27-57 PM

After a great day, Paolo and I headed off to sleep! Let’s hope I can survive the Hot Mess Express! Thank you for drifting with me and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye! 🙂

Author’s Notes

Nothing special happened. Just the usual day of making profits. Poor Paolo got filthy after he got home from work. Sorry, Paolo. I can’t control you.

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Chrysanthemums and Love 1.10: Date Night

06-23-16_1-13-58 AM


Paolo invited Yvette to go on a date with him. During the date, Yvette had a special question for him.

Date Night

06-23-16_1-07-14 AM

Good morning, all! I’m starting my day off with a healthy breakfast, which consisted of tomatoes,

06-23-16_1-07-32 AM


06-23-16_1-07-40 AM

…and onions. This was a very, very healthy breakfast.

06-23-16_1-09-57 AM

Guess what, folks?? I save enough money to upgrade the toilet! Now I got myself a more comfortable toilet.

06-23-16_1-10-21 AM

I also saved enough to buy myself a sink!

After upgrading the toilet and buying the sink, I went outside to dig up more rocks and look for frogs.

06-23-16_1-11-42 AM

After digging up that frog, I all of a sudden became very flithy! YUCK! I headed back to the lot and as I was about to take a shower, Paolo called me, asking if I want to go on a date at the Von Haunt estate. I checked my funds and I have 1129 Simoleons in hand! Rules say I must have 1K or more in hand before I can visit the 3 specialty lots in Windenburg. I accepted and headed into the shower to get ready for my date. After the refreshing shower, I met Paolo at the estate.

06-23-16_1-15-38 AM

Paolo and I went to a nice spot and we snuggled.

“I love so much, sweetie!”, I said.

“I love you, il mio amore!”, Paolo said.

06-23-16_1-19-02 AM

“You seem exhausted! Care for a massage?”, I asked.

“Yes, please!”, Paolo said and I massaged him. I decided to gave him a tissue massage.

“Ahhh, you’re make a great masseuse!”, Paolo said.

“Thank you! I used to work as a masseuse at a spa that’s within the walking distance in my hometown,” I said.

06-23-16_1-19-34 AM

Later, Paolo mysteriously walked away to see what the Knights of the Hedge. He was shocked because he’s worried that the club might be an infamous one, just like the Renegades.

06-23-16_1-21-41 AM

I was mad that he left me just to go see what the Knights of the Hedge club were up to.

“Now, Paolo! You don’t ever take off during our date!”, I said.

“Sorry, love. I was distracted,” Paolo said.

“No excuses, but I forgive you! Remember to not make that mistake in the future!”, I said.

06-23-16_1-23-10 AM

I recited love poems to him and he enjoyed it so much!

06-23-16_1-23-44 AM

Now for the moment you all been waiting for! I’m going to get engaged to Paolo!

“Paolo Rocca, will you marry me?”, I asked.

Paolo thought for a minute and he said yes.

06-23-16_1-23-50 AM

“YES! I would LOVE to marry you! I loved you ever since we met!”, Paolo said.

“I can’t wait for us to have a family together and build a beautiful home!”, I said.

06-23-16_1-24-05 AM

“Woot!! We’re engaged!”, Paolo said.

“Yes, we are, love! Now the next step is to get married!!”, I said.

“I can’t wait! See you around, darling!”, Paolo said and left.

06-23-16_1-28-41 AM

I’m back home after a beautiful date.

With the money in hand, I decided to buy myself a TV, a TV stand, and a sofa. At last, I can get lots of fun in myself.

06-23-16_1-28-50 AM

I shall leave you all with the current appearance of the house. Happy Drifting and I’ll talk to you guys soon! Bye!~ ❤

Author’s Notes

That was a fun date! Now the next step is to get them married the next day and start producing that heir/heiress! So far, the house has 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom. Only one more bedroom to go and the last thing to focus on is the value of the house!

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Chrysanthemums and Love 1.12: The Big Moment

06-23-16_1-49-57 AM


Yvette got married and a nooboo is on its way!

The Big Moment

06-23-16_1-46-54 AM

Hello, everyone! I’m so excited that you guys are here!!!!! Today’s the day I’m going to get married to Paolo!

First, I invited him over and he said that he’ll be here momentarily.

06-23-16_1-47-13 AM

OH NO! The first thing he did upon arrival was cry it out in my bed! It seems that he’s sad upon arrival! You poor thing!

06-23-16_1-47-46 AM

After Paolo cried it out, I went to cheer him up. I told that today’s not the day to be sad because we’re getting married and we’re going to be together forever!

06-23-16_1-49-20 AM

Since we can’t afford to leave the lot, I decided to elope immediately with Paolo. First, I told him my feelings toward him and he said his feelings about me back.

06-23-16_1-50-10 AM

We exchanged our vows, promising to be together for eternity and that we’ll be there for each other and trust each other. We’ll never cheat nor betray each other.

06-23-16_1-50-27 AM

Now that the vows have been exchanged, it’s time to do the ring ceremony. My mother gave me an 18 karat gold ring to give to my spouse, which is Paolo. Paolo also had a ring that his mother gave him and it had gold and platinum.

06-23-16_1-50-39 AM

IT’S OFFICIAL!!! We’re now pronounced husband and wife! I look forward to our future together!

Now for the fun part. Paolo and I already discussed plans for a family and we promised each other that we’ll devote some of our time with the child.

06-23-16_1-55-41 AM

So, without further ado, we went to try for a baby! Wish us luck!

06-23-16_1-58-09 AM

After a nice woohoo, I went to tend my garden while Paolo watches sports on TV. Typical bro he is.

06-23-16_1-59-15 AM

While I was tending my garden, Paolo went to check on me.

“Hey, sweetie! Say, you got a neat garden!”, Paolo said.

“Thank you! I’ve been working hard on this garden since Day 1! It’s my way of making money!”, I said.

“That’s great! You know I have a job, right?”, Paolo asked.

“I didn’t know that! What do you do?”, I asked.

“I work in the athlete career as a locker room attendant,” Paolo said.

“Nice choice! It certainly fits you!”, I said.

06-23-16_2-01-57 AM

Later tonight, I went to take a pregnancy test and GREAT NEWS, I’m pregnant!

06-23-16_2-02-13 AM

“Sweetie! I’m pregnant!!! I’m going to be a mother!”, I said.

“YOU ARE??!!”, Paolo asked.

“Yes I am! Are you happy about it?”, I asked.

“Happy? Of course! I’m going to be a father!”, Paolo said.

“You’re going to make one fantastic father, Paolo!”, I said.

“You’re going to make one astounding mother!”, Paolo said.

06-23-16_2-02-42 AM

After the test, I had some trash fruit in my inventory and I decided to eat some to fill up my hunger needs. I say it’s kind of gross that such a fruit exists!

06-23-16_2-03-05 AM

I bought a punching bag just for you, Paolo! Enjoy! 🙂

I put the three gemstones near him and activated the energizing aura so that he’ll feel energized while he works out.

06-23-16_2-04-44 AM

While he does that, I prepared some salad.

As I cut the vegetables, I kept cutting my finger! OUCH!

06-23-16_2-05-47 AM

Uh, Paolo….Can’t you wait for me to finish preparing the salad?? I guess he couldn’t wait.

06-23-16_2-06-19 AM

After I prepared my salad, I grabbed a serving and joined Paolo at the couch.

“My, my. You’re looking gorgeous as ever!”, Paolo asked.

“Thank you, sweetheart!”, I said.

06-23-16_2-06-59 AM

“Now that the baby is on its way, do you have any names in mind?”, Paolo asked.

“Let’s see. If it’s a boy, either Cameron, Justin, or Zachary. If it’s a girl, either Helena, Nicole, or Olivia,” I said.

“These are beautiful names!”, Paolo said.

“I’ll think up more later on,” I said.

06-23-16_2-08-08 AM

After that great meal, I headed off to bed while Paolo continues to watch sports on TV. Thank you for drifting with me and I’ll see you next time!

Author’s Notes

Yvette’s officially married and is now pregnant with a nooboo! I had them try for a baby right after they got married because I want them to have their kid now.

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Chrysanthemums and Love 1.11: Behold, a Trash Plant!

06-23-16_1-33-18 AM


Yvette finally got a trash plant!

Behold, a Trash Plant!

06-23-16_1-30-21 AM

Morning, all! I’m just enjoying a nice bowl of cereal and some sports on TV!

06-23-16_1-31-27 AM

After that great breakfast, I went to do my usual harvesting! Hmmmm, with the house expanding, I have to start fencing my garden.

06-23-16_1-33-06 AM

Oh, yay!!!!!!!! The trash pile turned into a trash plant! I look forward to seeing what those trash fruit look like!

06-23-16_1-35-53 AM

Okay, I got my garden fenced in and I moved the trash plant and the spliced plant into it. Much better!

06-23-16_1-38-31 AM

Time to also dig up some more rocks and gemstones!

06-23-16_1-39-26 AM

Uh oh! It’s Clara Bjergsen and she doesn’t look happy.

“GRRRRR. She gets a house and my family has to suffer being homeless! I bet her creator was the one who bulldozed our house! Whoever did this is going to go to jail for a lifetime!”, Clara said.

Wow, she’s still mad about her house being bulldozed? At least you found a new house to settle in.

06-23-16_1-39-50 AM

I went to stream to look for frogs and I got a Whirlyflower Frog! Best part? It’s a rare frog and it costed 160 Simoleons! I’m keeping it and breeding it with other frogs I caught! Now, on to some fishing!

06-23-16_1-40-37 AM

Goody, goody, goody! I got a guppy!

After hours of fishing, it was getting late. So, I headed back to the lot to get ready for bed and sell all the fish I’ve caught and all the rocks I’ve dug up.30

06-23-16_1-43-40 AM

Hey there! It’s Joaquin Le Chien, who became Cherie Pie Barbie’s hubby in Virtualee’s Drifter Challenge! My hubby will be none other than Paolo Rocca!

06-23-16_1-44-01 AM

Oh yeah! I’m gonna get married tomorrow and we’re going to raise a happy family while building a beautiful house!

06-23-16_1-45-09 AM

Off to bed I go! Thank you so much for drifting with me and I’ll see you in the next part! Talk to you soon! ❤


This was my reaction when I finally saw the trash pile turned into a trash plant! (P.S: I love Seinfeld!)


Author’s Note

It took several Sim days for the trash pile to grow into a trash plant and poor Yvette had to suffer being SO uncomfortable during the duration. Yvette watched sports on TV without having me choose the channel for her! If this keeps up when Paolo’s around, then the heir/heiress will get the bro trait on his or her teen birthday. Yes, I’ll be posting GIFs when possible. 🙂

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