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May 2018

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 64


I started the day off with Bronco barking at my bedroom door, waking me up in the process. I came outside and lectured him about waking me up.

“Bad boy! You don’t wake me up with your barking unless it’s an emergency!”, I said.

Awwww, look at how cute Mia and Brook are!

It’s laundry day, so I better get the laundry started!

Since the first attempt of mating failed, I shall try again! I encouraged Bronco to mate with Brook.

Here they go! Aren’t they so cute together?

Cross your fingers in hopes Brook will expect puppies!

Sundays are the days I normally make vet treats for my patients. I decided to make some wellness treats. Better keep those stocked in case I see a sick pet.

30 minutes later

I went outside to see that Brook is drinking from that puddle! Gross!

“No, no, Brook! You don’t drink from those puddles!”, I said to her.

After that, she successfully learned not to drink from puddles! Yay!!

“See, Brook? It wasn’t so hard to learn to not drink from those puddles! For that, you get a treat!”, I said and fed her a tasty dog biscuit to her.

Now Mia is drinking from the puddle!

“Mia! Not you too!!”, I said.

I went on my computer to check how many Simstagram followers my pets have. Brook has 325, Mia has 21, and Bronco has 17. A long way to go for 1500 followers. After checking that, I surfed the web.

Behind me, Bronco whined, begging me to take him on a walk.

“Okay, Bronco. Give me a few minutes and I’ll take you on a jog,” I said to him.

Off we go!

Along the way, I saw Kristal!

“Hi, Kristal! Nice to see you! I’m taking Bronco on a jog!”, I said.

“Hi, Maple! Have fun!”, Kristal said.

After my jog, I took a shower and went to get dinner, which was a plate of herb crusted salmon!

Meanwhile, Mia is meowing at me and Bronco fell asleep. He must’ve felt tired after that jog.

After dinner, I went on the computer to study handiness.

While I was on the computer, Brook got scared. Probably she’s scared of the computer.

Yup, she’s really scared of the computer.

Before I head to bed, I pampered Bronco on the couch! Such a sweet dog, isn’t he?

That’s all for today! Good night!


Brook successfully learned not to drink from puddles!

Author’s Notes

Training out those pet misbehaviors is quite hard! It takes time for the pets to eventually learn not to do them. In addition, I’m beginning to realize that the dogs tend to be scared of electronics. In some of my freeplay saves, I see them get scared of the TV, computers, and dish washers.


Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 61-63

Day 61


I woke up and found that Bronco and Brook were mating! How exciting! Let’s hope Brook will be pregnant with puppies!

Didn’t do much today except tend for my garden. The last gardener quit on me because I didn’t have enough money to pay her.

I took a nap after that. Then I woke up and pampered Mia on the couch.

The night is still young, so I took Bronco on a run!

Uh oh, it’s Lillian Vatore, one of the vampires from Forgotten Hallow. If I were to meet her, I hope she’s a friendly vampire!

That was a great run! Wow, I’m so flithy! I’ll take a nice shower and then it’s off to bed. See you tomorrow!

Day 62


BAD NEWS!! It turned out that Brook wasn’t expecting any puppies!

Anywho, just came back from work and I’m so tired!!! So tired, I just wanna sleep! Behind me, Brook is begging me to take her for a walk.

“Brook, let me sleep and then I’ll take you for a walk”, I said.

Off to bed I go.

After Maple napped

I feel better! Now to take Brook on a walk!

After I came back from taking Brook on a walk, I saw Bronco chasing Mia! Are they doing it for fun or because they don’t like each other? Who knows?

As I said before, I don’t want any of my pets to hate each other!

Day 63


I start the day off tending my garden! I love the dragonfruit! Not only they taste good, but when I sell them, they give me lots of money!

When night came

Time to work on the pet training skill! I’m teaching Bronco how to fetch.

In the first attempt, he didn’t bring the ball back, so I had to walk wherever I threw the ball and picked it up.

I threw the ball again and this time, Bronco got the ball and ran back to me with it! It’s so stressful when it comes to training your dogs! Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t!

I was about to go to bed when Yorkie texted me, inviting me out to sing karaoke! How nice of him!

The karaoke bar is in Newcrest and wow, it’s so beautiful!

“Yo, Maple! What’s up?”, Yorkie asked.

“Hey, Yorkie! I’m doing great! I tended my garden and started to teach my dog, Bronco, how to fetch!”, I said.

“That’s awesome!”

“How is Mac doing?”

“Mac’s doing great! Been taking him out on lots of adventures!”

“Nice! Hope he found some treasures!”

“Yeah he did! He found some fossils, both common and rare!”


Once inside, I found a room for us and I started to sing.

Yeah, I know, Yorkie. My singing’s bad! Sorry!!

Well, at least I did a decent job and no one’s ears bled.

That’s all for today! Thanks for joining me on this journey and see you tomorrow!


Saw the same lady who dressed up in a hospital gown with a lollipop in her hand. This time, she’s dressed up as a fairy!



Author’s Notes

I’m continuing to work on Maple’s pet training skill. I learned that Brook and Bronco already has some trained commands.

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