Day 58


Another day of chores! Just got done washing another stack of laundry!

After I did my laundry, I went online to connect with my fellow journalists.

I also got to play with Mia.

Mia is such a cute, sweet cat, isn’t she?

That’s it for today. Thank you all for your continued support and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Day 59


Remember my clinic got 4 stars? One of the rewards is an extra room of my choice! So what did I go with?

I decided to build a sauna room because I find it useful for people who are stressed out and need another option to relax. Anyone who visits me is welcome to use it.

I took Brook for a walk the other day. Now it’s time to take Bronco on a jog.

After I got back, I took a quick shower and prepared some herb salmon for dinner!

Awww, look at how nicely Mia and Brook are getting along!

Same with Brook and Bronco! I want all my pets to get along and not attack each other.

Finished cooking my herb salmon and I’m proud to say, I cook it very well!

After dinner, I went on the couch to pamper Mia.

Bronco is near the front door playing with one of the balls from the pet toy box.

Awww, look at how cute Mia is!

Feeling so tired, I headed off to bed. Good night!


Maple’s home has a sauna room!

Author’s Notes

I decided to go with the sauna room because I thought it would be cool to have her relax in a sauna at home instead of making a long trip to the spa. Besides, she’s been so stressed after working at her job and at the clinic.