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March 2018

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 60


Another day at the clinic! I’m proud to see that business is blooming!

I hired another vet to work at my clinic. Folks, give a warm welcome to Ms. December! She’s an avid cat lover and when I interviewed her, she told me all about her volunteer work at her local pet shelter and her love for animals.

Kristal, I want to thank you for recommending that I hire Ms. December to work at my clinic. She’s going to be contributing a lot to it.

Now let’s get to business!

First up, KitDragonFlight’s beagle, Gypsy! It appears she is drooling excessively and uncontrollably.

According to my last report, stress level is one of the key areas of improvement. I should keep all the pets’ stress level to a minimum.

Before I examine Gypsy, I need to soothe her.

She’s all calm. On with the examinations!

“Kit, Gypsy has the Swamp Mouth!”, I said.

“OK, what’s the cure?”, Kit asked.

“The Essence of Placebo Treat!”

I gave Gypsy the treat and in an instant, she felt great!

I see that Eva is taking care of Catarina’s cat, Doc, Zoe is taking care of Kristal’s cat, Tigerboy, and Ms. December is taking care of Mandy’s Great Pyrenees, Apollo. Go, ladies!

After Zoe took care of Tigerboy, Kit came back with Bree and wow, Bree has stars flying around her! Poor girl!

After examining Bree, I came to conclusion that She has the Super Duper Swamp Mouth. This calls for surgery with the Tum Tum Tickletangle Readjustment Surgery!

Last patient of the day: Ling Ling, Katie’s Pekingese!

Did the proper examinations and it appears Ling Ling has the same illness as Bree, the Super Duper Swamp Mouth.

Time to apply the Tum Tum Tickletangle Readjustment Surgery!

UGH! Not again! Ling Ling came out all green with purple polka dots!

After closing for the day, I checked the report and my clinic still stands at four stars.

Better research some techniques to get the rating up to five stars!



Author’s Notes

Here’s Maple’s clinic report.


Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 58 and 59

Day 58


Another day of chores! Just got done washing another stack of laundry!

After I did my laundry, I went online to connect with my fellow journalists.

I also got to play with Mia.

Mia is such a cute, sweet cat, isn’t she?

That’s it for today. Thank you all for your continued support and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Day 59


Remember my clinic got 4 stars? One of the rewards is an extra room of my choice! So what did I go with?

I decided to build a sauna room because I find it useful for people who are stressed out and need another option to relax. Anyone who visits me is welcome to use it.

I took Brook for a walk the other day. Now it’s time to take Bronco on a jog.

After I got back, I took a quick shower and prepared some herb salmon for dinner!

Awww, look at how nicely Mia and Brook are getting along!

Same with Brook and Bronco! I want all my pets to get along and not attack each other.

Finished cooking my herb salmon and I’m proud to say, I cook it very well!

After dinner, I went on the couch to pamper Mia.

Bronco is near the front door playing with one of the balls from the pet toy box.

Awww, look at how cute Mia is!

Feeling so tired, I headed off to bed. Good night!


Maple’s home has a sauna room!

Author’s Notes

I decided to go with the sauna room because I thought it would be cool to have her relax in a sauna at home instead of making a long trip to the spa. Besides, she’s been so stressed after working at her job and at the clinic.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 56 and 57

Day 56


I thought today would be a good day to do some laundry in my new laundry room!

Bronco decided to lick my face! Tee hee! That tickles!

That’s the laundry in!

After my laundry was done, I went outside to tend my garden.

Brook followed me and whimpered. She wants to go for a walk. I’ll do that after I tend my garden.

I love taking my dogs for walks!

Day 57


BAD NEWS, friends! I woke up and found that Bronco ran away!! I hope he’ll be okay! 😦

I went on the computer to post a notice about Bronco. I can’t believe this happened. First, Mia. Now, Bronco.

To make myself feel better, I decided to train Brook a bit.

I’m training her to lie down. Good girl!

Hours later

Bronco is back! I was so worried about him! Ooh, he’s filthy! Better give him a bath!

That’s pretty much it for today! Take care and see you later!



Author’s Notes

This is the second time a pet ran away. Like Maple, I get worried about pets running away. Will they come back expecting babies? Will they come back with a squirrel bite? Who knows?

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 55


Today, I’m going to open my clinic. Before I do, I would like the show you Mia’s new litter box! This can automatically clean up all of her litter.

Here I am at the clinic! Time to open for the day!

First patient up is Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr. He has mouth moths flying around him.

He’s nervous, so I better soothe him before I proceed with any examination.

Now that he’s calm, I proceeded with the examinations.

Finally! It turns out Bartholomew A. has Projectile Repugnitis!

This illness requires surgery, so off to the surgery station we go.

Time to proceed with the surgery. He needs the Tum Tum Tickletange Readjustment Surgery!

*GASP* LEANDER! He’s here!!! Which dog did he bring this time?

UH OH! Bartholomew A. came out all green with purple polka dots! Better send him back inside the machine and fix this!

Oooh, Leander brought his SimDog self to the clinic! Zoe is taking care of him now.

That’s better! The surgery was a success. Sadly, Bartholomew A. has to wear the Cone of Shame. 😦

Uh oh, Leander is losing his temper! Come on, Zoe! You got this! Make Leander proud!

A few minutes later, Zoe succeeded in taking care of Leander’s SimDog self! Woo-hoo!

After I closed for the day, I reviewed today’s report and discovered my clinic reached 4 stars! Awesome! This means the following:

  • My bedroom can be upgraded.
  • I get to add an extra room of my choice!
  • Another exam station for my clinic.

Now the focus is to get my clinic to five stars. This will be hard, but I can do it!

When I got home, I gave Brook a bath. She’s such a sweet dog, isn’t she?


Maple’s clinic is now a four star clinic!

Author’s Notes

Here’s Maple’s clinic report!

Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 53 and 54

Day 53


Today, I had an exhausting day at work! I wish I can take a day off!

Off to bed I go!

I was about to enter deep sleep mode, until Brook barked at my bedroom door, waking me up.

I lectured her about waking me up, saying that she’s not supposed to do that unless it’s an emergency.

Pets are a huge responsibility, everyone. Ok, back to sleep. See you tomorrow!

Day 54


I came home from another productive day at work and I played with Brook! That really helped my fun meter!

After hours of playing

That was so fun! Dogs are fun to play with!

“Good girl!”, I said, petting Brook.

Today, I decided to go and meet Yorkie, who has a Siberian Husky named Mac!

I arrived at Yorkie’s house, only to find that Mac is the only one present. Yorkie’s not home, so I’ll take the task to watch Mac before he comes home.

I put my hand out to say hello to him.

“‘I’m an animal lover and I find huskies adorable! One of my good friends back at home has a husky!”, I said to Mac.

Look at how adorable he is! His eyes are pretty!

I came up to him and petted him. He has really soft fur!

“You’re a very friendly dog, aren’t you?”, I asked Mac.

Mac went back inside and I sat outside at a nearby bench, waiting for Yorkie to come home.

To kill time, I played some mobile games.

Ah, I saw Yorkie coming back. Time to come in and introduce myself.

As I walked in, he was watching a movie. I sent down next to him.

“Hey, hey, hey! What’s up?? My name’s Yorkie and I’m a goofball gamer!”, Yorkie said. Immediately, I learned that Yorkie’s a cool, funny guy!

“Nice to meet you, Yorkie! My name is Maple Anderson and I’m an avid animal lover and vet!”, I said.

I looked around and saw Mac relaxing next to us.

“I was planning to meet you and Mac. However, when I came by, you weren’t home, so I took the liberty to take care of Mac. He’s so lovely!”, I said.

“Well, thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it, Maple!”, Yorkie said.

“Say, did you know I have a YouTube channel, where I do speed builds for the Sims 4?”, Yorkie asked.

“YES! Simslover163 told me about it and I took a look at it. You have amazing content there!”, I said.

“My buddy, Simslover163, told me about my channel?? He is the man! I’ve seen his kind comments on my videos! Such a cool, sweet guy! By the way, thank you for that sweet comment! You’re the best too!”

Next, Yorkie told me all about Mac. I learned from him that Mac is friendly, adventurous, and hairy. Two positive traits and one negative trait. Overall, Mac has a great personality.

“You gotta be careful with hairy dogs! They tend to shed easily and leave hair piles around the house. In order to prevent a home full of pet hair, be sure to brush them regularly!”, Yorkie said.

“I have two dogs. One pit bull and one mixed breed. None of them are hairy. My pit bull is vocal and my mixed breed dog is friendly,” I said.

“You have two dogs? That’s sweet! Good to hear that none of them are hairy, meaning less cleaning up for you.”

I was feeling a bit hungry.

“Yorkie, is it okay if I can raid your fridge for a snack? I’m hungry,” I asked.

“Sure, you can! I’m hungry myself, so I’ll grab myself a microwave pastry,” Yorkie said and went to get his snack.

I decided to have some applesauce. I sat down at the dining table, where he is. We chatted for a bit and I got to know Yorkie a bit more. He’s from Yorkshire, where the famous Yorkshire pudding comes from. Mmmm. Someday, I should give Yorkshire pudding a try.

After my snack, I sat down at a couch and saw that Mac is barking happily at the TV. That must be one of the things he’s obsessed with!

Getting to know Yorkie was fun! Tomorrow is a new day and I should be in good shape to run my clinic! Take care and see you tomorrow!


Maple met Yorkie!

Author’s Notes

Folks, if you don’t know who Yorkie is, he’s a hilarious gamer I met on Twitter. His husky, Mac, is so adorable!

If you have a chance, check out his channel! He does speed builds for The Sims 4. I guarantee that you’ll love his content! 😀

Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 51 and 52

Day 51


I didn’t do much except going to work and focusing on my needs. Hopefully tomorrow will bring lots of good stuff.

Day 52


I’ve finished building my new laundry room! Isn’t it fab? Here I am checking to see if I forgot to empty my pockets from all my pairs of pants before I put them in the hamper. It turned out I was able to get §10 worth of loose change.

After that, I went to grab breakfast. I’m having some caprese salad.

I worked so hard on my gourmet cooking skills that I decided to cook some gourmet pet foods!

Cubed Carcass Francetti for Mia.

Marinated Sausage Link Chorizo for Bronco.

I headed to work and when I came back, I saw a trash plant in front of the door! How did that get there??

I came to realize that I forgot to pick up my dogs’ poop and as a result, it turned into a trash plant!

After tending my garden, I took Brook for a jog!

That’s all for today! Take care and see you tomorrow!


Saw this lady in a hospital gown, holding a lollipop!


Maple has successfully learned all the pet food recipes!

Author’s Note

Now that Maple has learned all the 4 pet food recipes and all the Brindleton Bay recipes, it’s time to have her focus on the San Myshuno recipes.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 49 and 50

Day 49


Happy Saturday, everyone! I just gotten up and I’m currently having breakfast. Would you look at Mia? She’s such a cutie pie!

As I ate my fruit salad, Brook looked at me and whimpered.

“Awww, you want to go for a run?”, I asked and Brook panted at me happily.

After my breakfast, I changed into my activewear and Brook and I went for a jog! The next time I see Brook whimpering, it could mean either she’s scared of something or she needs to go for a walk or jog.

Plus, this is good for me to lose some weight.

Wow, the day seems to go by so quickly! After my jog, I looked at myself and said, “I’ve lost some weight, so I’m making progress!”

I headed to the bathroom to take my shower. While I’m showering, Brook came in and started to whine at me.

“What’s wrong, girl?”, I asked.

It turned out Brook is afraid of the shower.

That’s all for today! See you tomorrow!

Day 50


I woke desperately hungry for food. As part of my weight loss goals, I decided to have some of the fruits and vegetables I harvested from my garden.

I also decided to eat a trash plant. To be honest, it was gross.

Sundays are the days I can work on treats for my vet patients. I decided to craft a Wellness Treat.

Awww, look at how wonderfully Brook and Bronco are getting along! I hope one day, they can have puppies together!

After my lab work, I took Bronco to the couch to pamper him.

“I love you so much, Bronco!”, I said to him.

Hours later

I decided to visit my friend, Kristal, in Willow Creek. I entered her house to find her dancing with her dog, Willow! How cute!

“Hi, Maple! Welcome to my beautiful home! What brings you here?”, Kristal asked.

“Kristal, I thought I would come here to hang out and introduce you to my dogs!”, I said.

“I would love to meet them!”

“Kristal, meet Brook! She’s vocal and she’s a pit bull!”

“Awwww, she’s so cute!”

Then, I went outside, where Bronco was, and introduced him to Kristal.

“Kristal, here is Bronco! He’s a mixed breed and a friendly dog,” I said.

“Wow, you have beautiful dogs! Where do you find them?”, Kristal asked.

“Both Brook and Bronco were strays and I found them in Brindleton Bay.”

I saw Tigerboy and I picked him up and hugged him.

Willow and I also hugged! I love Kristal’s pets!

Kristal came out and we talked more.

“So, Maple. How is the clinic business treating you?”, she asked.

“Kristal, my clinic is now at 3 stars! We’re doing so well! I have Zoe Patel and Eva Capricciosa working there!”, I said.

“That’s cool! Do you have room for another vet?”


“I would love to recommend Ms. December to work at your clinic! Why? Not only do I know her, but she’s also a sweetheart and a huge cat lover!”

“She’s a cat lover? Cool! I’ll definitely consider her to work at my clinic!”

“I must be heading home. Before I go, I would like to ask: would you like to have dinner together?”

“That would be nice! When?”

“Probably next week.”

“Sounds good! See you then!”

As I was leaving, I saw Tigerboy vomiting. I can’t leave a sick pet alone, so I decided to give him the Wellness Treat I have in my pocket. I tend to carry Wellness Treats just in case I see a sick pet. Don’t worry. I’ll save some for my vet patients.

After coming home, I was greeted by Mia.

“Hi, Mia! Were you good?”, I asked. Next time I visit Kristal, I’ll introduce Mia to her.

I went inside to start working on my gourmet meal. Pretty soon, I’ll plan a dinner party and invite all my animal loving friends to it.

I cooked myself some garlic noodles and I have to be honest. I did good!

Thank you all for supporting me on this journey! See you in the next part!



Author’s Notes

Maple’s working on her gourmet cooking skill, so she can cook those gourmet pet foods for her pets. In addition, this can help her cook various dishes for the dinner parties she’ll plan to have.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 45-48

Days 45-47


Nothing much happened except that I decided to go searching for Bronco because I love him as much as I love Brook!

I do have this cute picture of me and my two pets! Aren’t they so cute??

On Day 47, which is a Thursday, I passed out from being extremely exhausted. I really need a break from my job!!!!!

Day 48


Here I am at Katie’s house and I’m HOPING that Bronco will show up. I brought Brook along so that I can introduce her to him.

“Okay, Brook. We’re about to get another dog in the household. His name is Bronco and he’s friendly! You’ll love him!”, I said to Brook.

I went outside and look! It’s Bronco! Finally!!

I give him a big hug and officially called him my third pet!

I introduced Brook to Bronco and they seem to get along very well.

I took Bronco to the pet adoption agency to fill out some paperwork. I was told he’s a bit of a mixed breed. That’s cool.

After I took care of that, we went home and I petted Bronco.

“Wow! You look flithy! You need a bath!”, I said to him.

As I gave Bronco his bath, I noticed like Brook, he’s not afraid of the bathtub and he likes baths.

Hours later

Feeling in such a good mood, I decided to open my clinic for the day. Who will come?

First patient is Kristal’s cat, Tigerboy! Oh, poor Tigerboy! He has a glowing red nose!

However, the poor cat is so stressed out, so I soothed him before conducting any examinations.

Here I am taking his temperature and it’s high! He also has been dropping rainbow poop.

After conducting the examinations, I come to the conclusion that Tigerboy has the Overheated Sniffer!

No worries! Antifungal Spray to the rescue!

Meanwhile, Eva is taking care of Mandy’s Great Pyrenees, Apollo.


“Hey, Maple! I got a dog that feeling ill! His name is Apollo and he’s the father of my SimDog self!”, Leander said.

“Leander! What a surprise!! I am literally fangirling right now! You’re here in my clinic!”, I said as I sat down with Leander.

“Hahaha!! The famous Leander makes his special guest appearance at Cypress Creek Clinic! Hey, that should be on the front page of the newspapers!”, Leander joked.

“LOL!! Well, let’s not waste any time! Bring Apollo here and I’ll get right to the treatment!”

So this dog is also named Apollo? Cool! By observation, I can tell Apollo is a German Shepherd! If my memory is correct, he was also featured in Frimlin’s An Angel and An Alien and Vampire Vet Let’s Plays!

Let’s start by looking at his fur. Looks like there’s no fleas present.

Poor Apollo. He’s drooling uncontrollably and has extreme lethargy.

After several tests, I finally found out what’s wrong with Apollo the German Shepherd!

“Leander, Apollo has the Squirrel Scratch Fever!”, I said.

“Yay!! Now, what’s the cure for this illness?”, Leander asked.

“The Feelgood Serum! This should take no longer than 2 minutes!”

With that being said, I gave Apollo the Feelgood Serum.

After applying the serum, Apollo felt better and he’s no longer drooling uncontrollably!

“My buddy boo, Ash, is going to be so happy when he hears that Apollo is all better and it’s all thanks to you, Maple!!”, Leander said.

“I’m sure Ash will be so delighted to hear that!”, I said.

“You get a four star rating from me!”


Next patient is Simslover’s SimCat self, Patrick!

“Maple, my friend. Patrick the Cat is here for a checkup!”, Simslover said.

“No problem! I’ll give your SimCat self a checkup to see if he’s healthy!”, I said.

First, I checked his temperature and it turned out it’s high.

Heartbeat is normal.

“Well, Simslover. Your SimCat Self has the Mild Cuteness Gland Blockage! Other than that, he’s in good shape!”, I said.

“Good to hear! Now, how will you get rid of the blockage?”, Simslover asked.

“He just needs the Preventative Shot!”, I said and gave Patrick the Cat the shot.

Towards the end of the day, I told Eva the great news.

“Today was amazing! Leander came to my clinic!”, I said.

“I know, girl! I saw you fangirling as he entered the clinic!”, Eva said.

“He is an A-List Youtuber/Simmer! Definitely get a chance to check out his channel and meet him in person!!”

“I’ll certainly do that!”

That’s all for today! Take care and see you next time!


Bronco joins the family!

Author’s Notes

Special thanks to Leander, Kristal Sims, and of course, my Simself for making special guest appearances!

When I adopted Bronco, I went to CAS to see what breed he is and I saw that the breed name was blank. Anyone have experienced that?

Since I couldn’t guess what his Bronco’s breed was, I assumed he’s a mixed breed. Until I can find out the real breed, I’ll leave it as mixed breed. If anyone can tell me what breed Bronco is, that would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the report for today’s day at the clinic! I noticed how the word “clinic” has been misspelled. It has been corrected for the future chapters.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 44


Another day at the vet clinic. Here I am talking to one of the famous Simmers, Kristal!

“So I heard that you went to see Lana Del Rey LIVE! How was that???”, I asked.

“OMG, Maple. It was amazing! Lana is so good!”, Kristal said.

After Kristal talked to me about her time at the Lana Del Rey concert, she headed home to take care of her dog, Willow, and her cat, Tigerboy.

Opening time!

I got my first patient and it’s one of Cole’s dogs, Max! On the outside, he looks perfect!

No fleas, no icy fur, his temperature is normal, and his heartbeat is normal. He’s healthy!

“Well, Cole. Max is in good shape! All he needs is a Preventative Shot, so that he’ll have a less chance of getting sick!”, I said as I gave Max his shot.

“That’s good to hear Max is healthy!”, Cole said.

Everyone, give a warm welcome to Eva Capricciosa! I recently hired her after I interviewed her. Although she’s hot-headed, she seems like a nice person.

She’s taking care of the Delgatos’ cat, Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, and Zoe is taking care of KitDragonFlight’s dog, Bree.

Looks like one of the patients vomited while waiting. I’ll clean this up. I can’t wait to get a Roomba for both my clinic and my home.

Ooo, it looks like Justin came with Blue! Poor Bartholomew A. and Blue! I wonder what bug is going around in their household?

Eva successfully took care of Bartholomew A! I went to check up on her, see if she likes the job or not.

“Well, Eva, are you enjoying yourself here?”, I asked.

“Maple, to be honest, it’s very different from the party lifestyle I’m used to. But at least I have a job to support my partying roomies!”, Eva said.

“I understand! It takes a while to get to used to this job. I picked you because not only you have great charisma, but you have the ability to learn quickly and commit to work hard and smart!”

At home

I’m home and as I was approaching the front door, Mia came up and said hello.

“Hi, Mia! Were you good today?”, I said, greeting Mia.

Looks like Brook needs a bath, so I took her to the bathroom to give her one.

Off to bed I go. Good night!


Eva is the second vet Maple hired to work at her clinic.

Author’s Notes

A special thank you to Kristal Sims and KitDragonFlight for their appearances!

Here’s how Maple’s clinic did! As you can see, her clinic rating is now three and a half stars.

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