Morning! You’ve noticed that I got a new outfit! Do you like it?

After breakfast, I decided to visit one of Mandy’s friends. Her name is Maggie and she has two pets. Their names are Luke and Susie.

Sadly, when I arrived at her house, she wasn’t home, but her pets were.

This must be Luke, her Alaskan Malamute puppy!

…and Susie, her Calico kitten.

Just like with any puppy and kitty, I get cuteness overload! I went straight ahead and played with Luke!

“You’re so cute, aren’t ya?”, I said to Luke.

Tee hee! That tickles!

Big cuddles for you!

Next, cute little Susie!

I’m so glad Maggie has a puppy and a kitty! They’re so adorable! I look forward to seeing them grow up!

Maybe next time, I’ll meet Maggie when she’s home!

Maybe I should head to Magnolia Blossom to see there are any goodies there. Last time I went there, there weren’t any plants to harvest nor are they are any rocks to dig.

On my way, I saw Monster, one of the stray cats I met a few days ago.

I found some lilies at Magnolia Blossom.

Back at home, I worked on developing some new formulas for the vet patients.

Off to bed. Good night!

Funds at the end of Day 11: §3301


Maple has enough money to buy the vet clinic lot.

Author’s Notes

I was planning for Maple to meet Maggie, Luke and Susie’s owner. However, she wasn’t home. I was thinking either the game assigned her an NPC job or a job that fell during Maple’s visit.