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February 2018

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 41


Time for work! See you when I get back!

Hours later

Here I am in Brindleton Bay, continuing the search for Bronco! I decided to kill time by fishing.

Sadly, I didn’t find Bronco.

BUT, I found Brook! I’m going to adopt her! I’ll find Bronco later.

“Brook, I love you so much!”, I said, hugging her.

I took her to the pet adoption agency to fill out some paperwork. I was told that Brook is a pitbull. How cute!

Brook is so filthy! When we get home, she’s going to get a bath!

She remained calm throughout her bath, which meant she’s not afraid of the bathtub. As the days go by, I’ll learn Mia and Brook’s obsessions and fears.

Finally I got a dog! I’m so happy that I got another pet in the house! Good night, everyone!


Brook joins the family!

Author’s Note

It was hard to find Bronco. Every Sim day, I have to send Maple to Cavalier Cove, where stray dogs normally roam, and her friend, Katie’s house, which is designated as a stray cat and stray dog hangout spot.

When I saw Brook, I thought about it and I had Maple adopt her. She’ll adopt Bronco later.


Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 39 and 40

Day 39


The search for Bronco continues! Before I do that, I have work today! One of the best ways to start the day off? A cup of coffee! I need that energy.

Off to work I go! See you when I get back!

After work

Back from work! Time to find Bronco!

UGH! I’m so sleepy! Where are you, Bronco?

Time for a turbo nap! Hope that helps my energy.

At home

No luck! Bronco is nowhere to be seen. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

It’s great to come home to a nice bowl of fruit salad.

I shall leave you with me being so grumpy. Why? Mia has been scratching my couch and it drives me up the wall! That little missy needs to be dealt with!

Day 40


I woke up to check the garden and found that one of my catnip plants died! Good thing my garden skills are high enough that I’ve learned the ability to revive plants! So, I did just that.

After checking the garden, I looked around to find Mia, only to see that she’s scratching my bed!!

“MIA! Bad kitty! Please stop scratching the furniture!!! I paid lots of money with it!”, I said in a loud voice.

Good news! After I scolded her, she finally learned to NOT scratch furniture! As a reward, she got a treat and praise. I knew the day would come.

Back at Brindleton Bay, looking for Bronco. Still no luck. However, I got to dig some rocks and find some beautiful gems worthing selling for money.

UGH! What a tiring day! Must head to bed now! See you tomorrow!



Author’s Notes

It’s hard when you want to find the stray dog you want your Sims to adopt. If Maple sees Brook, then she’ll adopt her and search for Bronco later.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 38


I start the day off gardening. Wait. I can actually hire a professional gardener to take care of my garden.

I got out my phone and called Gardners United to schedule a gardener to tend my garden every day.

Good! She came just in time! I don’t have to worry about tending my garden while I take care of my cat, job, and needs. The only thing I have to do in my garden is evolving and harvesting.

I saw Mia walking around the garden and I picked her up and cuddled with her. She’s such a sweet kitty cat!

I checked my bank account and I have enough funds to afford a surgery station for my clinic!

If you’re curious to know which stray dog I’m going to adopt, I’m definitely thinking about Bronco. If I can’t find Bronco, then I’ll adopt Brook and adopt Bronco when I find him. Yes, I can manage to take care of two dogs and a cat.

The search for Bronco begins today!

Had no luck finding Bronco, but GUESS WHO I BUMPED INTO!!! LEANDER!! THE FAMOUS LEANDER!!!

“What’s up? You probably know who I am!”, says Leander.

“YES! YOU ARE LEANDER! My name is Maple! It’s nice to meet you!”, I said fangirling. I can’t believe I’m meeting THE Leander!

“It’s nice to meet you, Maple!”

“You know, I just adore everything you do! Your speed builds, your CAS creations, and your Let’s Plays! You’re an amazing YouTuber and Simmer!”, I said.

“Awww, you’re so sweet! I appreciate the kind words! Thank you for your unlimited support!”, Leander said.

So far, the conversation between the both of us is going wonderfully!

“Have you had the chance to check out one of my buddy boos’ channel?”, Leander asked.

“You have a lot of buddy boos. Which one?”, I asked.

“Take a guess.”

“Ah, I know! Frimlin?”

“YEAH! My buddy boo, Frimlin, aka Ash! He’s got a lot of amazing content on his channel!”

“I have checked out Ash’s channel!! He is so amazing with his Let’s Plays and speed builds! His LPs are so relaxing!”, I said with excitement.

“I know, right??”, Leander said in agreement.

“Leander, did you know I run a vet clinic?”, I asked.

“No kidding! You do?”, Leander asked.

“Yeah! It’s here in Brindleton Bay!”

“Cool! I currently tend to 4 dogs, who are all from Ash’s Let’s Plays! I’ll certainly stop by if any of them get sick!”

It’s getting late, so it’s time that we parted.

“It’s time that I get home. It was nice meeting you. Remember to always spread love and not hate because love makes the world go round and it’s what the world desperately needs!”, Leander said.

“That’s so true! Very inspirational!”, I said.

“Take care, Maple! Ta ta for now! Bye!”, Leander said and headed home.

After arriving home

What a day! Meeting Leander was such an honor! I can check off “Meet a YouTuber/Simmer in person” on my bucket list.

Ah, I’m so hungry! I decided to have some garden salad for dinner!

I finished preparing it and Mia jumped on the counter and started to eat my salad!

“No, Mia! Bad kitty! You know better than to eat human food! You could get sick eating them!”, I said.

I must’ve forgotten to fill her food bowl. I’ll let her off with a warning. I’ll just grab myself a ham and cheese sandwich. I hope lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes are safe for cats to eat.

After my meal, I showered and headed straight to bed! Night, all!



Author’s Notes

Maple met Leander, who is a YouTuber/Simmer who does CAS creations, speed builds, and Let’s Plays for The Sims 4. I’ve checked out his channel and he has amazing content! Here’s the link to his channel.

One of Leander’s good friends, Frimlin, also has great content on his channel. Feel free to check out his channel too!

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 37


Today I have work! First things first, I must take care of my social profile and network with my fellow co-workers!

8 AM arrived

Feeling so confident, I headed off to work! See you when I get back!

After work

The scary bills came and I checked my banking account and yes, I have enough money for the bills. With that, I put the appropriate amount into an envelope and mailed it.

Given that I’m in a good mood, I decided to head to my vet clinic and open for the day! Who will come?

It’s Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Srand he’s back again! What’s wrong this time?

Time to perform the necessary tests.

Eureka! It turned out that Bartholomew A. Bittlebun has Squirrel Scratch Fever!

The treatment, of course, is the Feegood Serum!

Next patient up: Ritvik. This is a stray dog that I’ve seen roaming around Brindleton Bay. His current owner founded and adopted him. So happy for him. Aside from needing a bath, I wonder what’s wrong with him.

It appears I can’t find anything wrong with him.

After performing more tests, it turned out Ritvik is healthy!

All he needs is a Preventative Shot! That way, he won’t get sick easily!

Next up is Hea, who is a Siamese cat!

Awww, you poor thing! So stressed out! She needs to be soothed before I can perform any examinations on her.

Oh dear! Her temperature is high and her heart is beating so rapidly!

OK! I got it! Hea has Magmafied Organs!

She needs the Antiviral Payload shot!

After applying the shot, she felt better!

Last patient of the day, Catarina’s cat, Doc.

Oh my, he’s vomiting! This must be serious!

He appears to also drool uncontrollably and his nose is excessively wet.

That could mean one thing: he has Advanced Swamp Mouth.

The cure? A biscuit with Medicine X!

After taking care of the last patient, I closed the clinic and looked at today’s report. I’m happy to announce that Cypress Creek Clinic is now a 3 star clinic! That means the following:

  • I get to upgrade my kitchen
  • I can add a laundry room to my house!
  • The clinic gets a surgery station. Great for serious illnesses that require surgery!
  • Adopt a stray dog! Woo-hoo! I know which one to adopt!
  • Hiring services. Finally, I can get that professional gardener!

I got home from the clinic and sweet Mia comes to greet me.

“Hello, Mia, sweetie! So nice to see you!”, I said to her.

What a day! Off to my comfy bed I go!


Maple’s clinic rating has reached 3 stars!!

Author’s Notes

Here’s Maple’s clinic report.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 35 and 36

Day 35


I started the day off by preparing my very first homestyle pet meal, the Beef and Chicken Fishcake! This meal is perfect for cats!

After preparing the fishcake, I served it to Mia, who I found in my bedroom.

Nothing much happened today except for tending my garden and breeding frogs.

After a long day of gardening, I went straight to bed. Good night!

Day 36


I’ve been gaining so much weight, I need to burn some off! From now on, I’ll be waking up early and going for a jog for 1 hour!

After my jog, I took a shower, had breakfast, and went straight to my crafting table to do some lab work.

Before I forget, my house got a major renovation! I saved up enough money to get me some walls for my bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. In addition, I also rearranged my plants and put a fence around them.

After my lab work, I went on my computer to network with journalists. Btw, I’m currently pursuing the Public Relations career branch. I’ve been sharing with all my fans and fellow journalists about my journey to building a home and a vet clinic.

After work

I went to Desert Bloom in Oasis Springs to do some fishing.

After my day at Desert Home, I arrived home. I’m so glad to come back to a home with walls and a roof instead of having furniture and plants scattered everywhere on one plot of land.

My cooking skills are high enough that I decided to cook myself some spaghetti.

It’s a good thing my cooking skills are high enough that I’m not at risk of burning the house down. It’s best that if you have a low cooking skill, you do not and I mean DO NOT cook anything on a stove! Save yourself and cook recipes that don’t require a stove!

GROSS! This spaghetti I cooked was in poor quality! Guess I’m not good enough to cook this. Better work on that.

I guess I’ll be sleeping with that bad aftertaste in my mouth. Goodnight all!


Maple’s house got a major renovation. Now she can do her normal activities under a roof! She also made her first pet meal!

Author’s Notes

You have noticed throughout the challenge, Maple has gain as substantial amount of weight. That’s because as I was playing, her hunger needs tend to decrease at a fast rate, just like her energy and fun. So what I do to take care of that is have her eat quick meals to save money.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 34


TGIF! Here I am at the vet clinic, ready for another day of business!

First patient up? One of KitDragonFlight’s beagles, Bree! I can see she has a glowing nose and hot feet.

I did the necessary tests on her and what I found was that her temperature is high and her heartbeat is rapid.

She has Magmafied Organs! That’s it!

“Okay, KitDragonFlight, Bree has Magmafied Organs,” I said.

“What’s the cure?”, KitDragonFlight asked.

“I’ll apply the Antiviral Payload Shot on her and she’ll be good as new!”, I said and proceeded with the treatment.

After Bree, I took care of Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr. Wow, he is all icy and he certainly has hot feet.

The poor thing is also stressed out! I need to soothe him before I can do any examinations!

He’s all calm! Time to move on with the tests!

Meanwhile, Zoe is taking care of Catarina’s cat, Doc.

Done with the tests! I come to the conclusion that Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr. has Pyrotoes! How to cure it? Apply Antifungal Spray!

There! He’s good as new!

Next up, a dog that I’m familiar with! It’s Advik and it looks like he’s been adopted! Let’s see what’s wrong with him!

He does have stars around him and he’s drooling uncontrollably.

I took his temperature, checked his ears, and did a fur inspection. His ears are infected and his heartbeat is slow. That meant he has Squirrel Scratch Fever!

This calls for the Feelgood Serum!

After taking care of Advik, I noticed how dirty the floor is. It’s covered with pet vomit! GROSS! I’ll have to clean this up before I move on to the next patient.

The last patient of the day! Genji. Like Advik, it appears he’s already adopted! Good for him! Wow, he has mouth moths flying around him and he’s drooling uncontrollably.

After performing the tests on Genji

I come to the conclusion that Genji here has Repugnitis! The treatment? The Organic Disinfectant Spray!

Today was great! I looked at the report and we made lots of money and the clinic gained a half star!

That’s all for today! Take care and see you next time!


Maple’s clinic star rating raised to two and a half stars!

Author’s Notes

Here’s how Maple’s clinic did.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Days 31-33

Day 31


Since my clinic got 2 stars, one of the rewards I received was the ability to adopt a stray cat! Thinking about the strays I’ve met, I’m going to adopt Mia. I’ll be spending a few days hanging around Brindleton Bay to see if can spot her.

Today was no luck. HOWEVER, I did play some chess and got some logic skill. That’s something, right?

Day 32


Day 2 of finding Mia. Let me enjoy this ham and cheese sandwich first and then I’ll head to Brindleton Bay.

After my food, I headed to Whiskerman’s Wharf and played some chess while waiting for Mia to come.

No sign of Mia.

I did, however, meet this cutie pie! His name is Cole and he has two dogs, an Alaskan Malamute named Buddy and a Parson Russell Terrier named Max! Like me, he’s a dog lover! Dog Lovers Unite!

Day 33


I just remembered that my friend, Katie’s house is designed as a stray cat and stray dog hangout spot. I’ll go there instead of Whiskerman’s Wharf.

When I got there, I saw Ling Ling, Katie’s Pekingese dog. She’s very cute!

Mia, where are you?

There she is! It’s about time.


After I peed, I took Mia to the pet adoption agency to fill out some paperwork. I was told that she’s an American Shorthair cat and she has the frisky trait.

What a day! I’m off to sleep! Good night!


Mia becomes Maple’s first pet!

Author’s Notes

After going through all the stray cats that Maple met, I thought that Mia would be the one! Why? She has a positive trait, she’s adorable, and her name is beautiful.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 30


Morning! Today, I’m heading to the clinic to work on raising that star rating! Last time we were at the clinic, the rating was one and a half stars.

Here we are at the clinic! The first patient up? Catarina’s Siamese cat, Doc! I wonder what’s wrong this time?

After performing the necessary tests, I found that he has Swamp Mouth. I’m about to apply the treatment, but he’s so stressed out! This calls for some soothing.

To cure Swamp Mouth, give the pet the Essence of Placebo Treat!

I give the treat to Doc and he’s cured! Woo-hoo!

Well, well, if it isn’t Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr. Gee, he has icy fur and a glowing red nose! Now to examine what else is wrong, so I can get a proper diagnosis.

Eureka! He has the Common Lava Nose! This calls for the Organic Disinfectant Spray!

After today’s shift, I examined today’s report and I’m pleased to announce that Cypress Creek Clinic is now a 2 star clinic! All right! This means the following:

  • I get to upgrade my bedroom! Finally. I’ve been getting tired of sleeping on that uncomfortable cot!
  • I can add a living room!
  • The clinic gets another exam station! No more long lines!
  • Adopt a stray cat! YES! I know which cat to adopt!

When I got home, I sold my cot and bought this bed! Super comfy and obviously better than the cot!

That is all for today! Take care and see you next time!


Maple’s clinic has reached two stars!!

Author’s Notes

Here’s Maple’s clinic report.


Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 28 and 29

Day 28


Nothing MAJOR has happened today expect taking care of my needs and going fishing.

BTW, while I was fishing, I saw Rainy! We chatted for a bit and I learned she has an American Bulldog named Dozer.

Day 29


I spent the day hanging out at Whiskerman’s Wharf, seeing if there are any stray cats to meet.

While I was looking around, I got a call from Zoe. She asked me when I’m going to add another exam table to the clinic. I told her that once the clinic reaches 2 stars, another exam table will be added.

Ooo, a stray cat! She looks very cute.

Awww, it’s Rosie, one of the stray cats I met a few days ago! Look at how sweet she is!

I picked her up and cuddled with her for a bit.

“You’re such a cutie, aren’t you?”, I said to Rosie.

I let Rosie off and tried to find where that grey stray cat went.

I found her, picked her up, and snuggled with her.

It makes me smile every time I hold an animal. Animals are amazing!



Author’s Notes

The stray cat that Maple met is female, is named Mama Kitty, and she has the spoiled trait. The game generates really cool names for the stray animals.

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