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January 2018

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 7


Well, I’m quite up early! I must’ve gotten enough sleep!

After I had breakfast, I headed on the computer to see if Mandy was free today and if I can come over to her house to meet Spots.

She said yes! Ooo, I’m so excited!

I also texted Tanner to see if he’s free.

He said yes! So today, I’m going to spend the day hanging out with my animal loving friends!

At Tanner’s house

I noticed how hungry Rocky was, so I asked Tanner where the dog food was. He told me it was in the kitchen, so I headed there, got the dog food, and filled Rocky’s bowl.

After I filled, Rocky headed towards it and ate.

“Thanks for filling up Rocky’s bowl,” Tanner said.

“Hey, no prob! That’s what friends are for!”, I said.

“Oh, I haven’t asked you this: do you have any pets?”

“Not yet.”

“You don’t? Are you going to consider a cat or a dog?”

“Well, both. But don’t worry! I’ll make sure they don’t fight!”

I’m really glad that I’ve met Tanner. He’s cute, sweet, likes animals and he’s an outdoor enthusiast!!

“May I please play with Rocky?”, I asked.

“Oh yes, you may!”, Tanner said.

I picked up Rocky and hugged him.

“Awwww, you’re so cute!”, I said to him.

I put him down and he looked at me. Look at those eyes.

“You want me to pet you?”, I asked.

He looks like he wants to be petted, so I went towards him, bent down, and petted him.

After petting him, he fell asleep. How cute!

Hours later

Time for me to head to Mandy’s house.

As I heading out, Rocky came up to me and did some cute pose.

“Ooo, you wanna dance??”, I asked.

…and I danced with him!!

That was fun! So next time I see a dog do that, I’ll dance with him or her.

At Mandy’s house

“Hi, Maple! Welcome to my home! You’ve already met Apollo, my Great Pyrenees. This is my Dalmatian puppy, Spots!”, Mandy said as she introduced me to her Dalmatian puppy.

“Awwwwwww, he’s adorbs! Can I hold him??”, I asked.

“Sure! Spots really loves to be held!”

Mandy went inside to take care of Apollo’s needs.

I held up Spots and said, “Well, aren’t you just the cutest thing on Earth???”

I held him closer to me and he licked me! Tee tee!!!

Next, I petted him.

Later, I put him down and gave him more cuddles. I can’t wait to see him grow up!

After a great day, I headed home to sleep. Good night, all!

Funds at the end of Day 7: §212



Author’s Notes

Maple did some collecting before she headed to her friends’ houses, which explains the increase in funds.


Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 6


Morning! I just love my new computer! Now I don’t have to get bored every time!

Whoa. I just saw J dressed weirdly. OH, now I see why. It’s too protect themselves against the vampires that are lurking about. I freakin’ hate vampires! They would suck a lot of plasma out of us!

After my breakfast, I headed to the Municipal Muses museum in Willow Creek.

They have really beautiful paintings here! By looking at these paintings, I can gather inspiration for my next paintings.

I also did my usual frog collecting and fishing.

Dinner was around the corner, so I headed home.

I have enough funds to purchase myself an inexpensive fridge! I decided to cook some salad. OUCH! I accidentally cut my finger!

I shall leave you all with me eating my delicious salad. See you all next time!

Funds at the end of Day 6: §167


Maple’s home now has a fridge!

Author’s Note

Sorry if this chapter was short. I didn’t do much today except have her do her usual collecting at Willow Creek. Hopefully, she’ll have enough funds to support herself as well as set up her clinic.

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 5


Morning! I start the day off by tending my garden.

After I took care of my garden, I walked around my neighborhood and found bluebells!

Oh, I forgot to mention. I do have a new desk and an office chair!

Time to do my usual fishing.

Awwww, a cute bulldog!

“You know, I have a friend who owns a bulldog. Bulldogs are friendly and patient and they make excellent family pets,” I said to the bulldog.

There’s someone near the road! I’ll go say hi to him!

“Hey! I’m Maple! I’ve just came across a bulldog. I was wondering if it is yours?”, I asked.

“Nice to meet you, Maple. I’m Tanner and yes, that’s my bulldog! It’s a he and his name is Rocky,” Tanner said.

“I hope you’re keeping a close eye on him. You don’t want him to get lost, don’t you?”

“I’m close eye on him. Don’t worry.”

“I’m curious to know how you got Rocky.”

“I had him since I was in high school. My family adopted him from a pet shelter and he was a puppy then.”

“How old is he?”

“4 years old.”

I went ahead and told Tanner about my plans to build a 5 star vet clinic. He seems really enthused about it.

It was nice meeting Tanner and learning about himself and his bulldog. Now to continue my stroll around town.

Ah, that must be Mayor Whiskers, the mayor of Brindleton Bay! He’s definitely a tuxedo cat!

Ah, this must be catnip. I’ll harvest it and I’ll plant it tomorrow.

After a great day, I headed home.

Given that I’ve have enough funds, I decided to purchase some pet items to prepare for my pet adaptations.

I also scored myself a new computer! One that’s inexpensive and reliable.

I’m so sleepy. Time to head to bed.

Goodnight, all!

Funds at the end of the day: §91


Maple got a computer, so this can help her fun and social need. She also got the catnip, so 100 pts for that.

Author’s Notes

Maple’s made another animal loving friend!

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 4


Morning, everyone! I’m starting the day off dancing. Gotta get that fun up!

After breakfast, I headed to the Salty Paws Saloon in the Whiskerman’s Wharf neighborhood in Brindleton Bay. Looking around, I came across this cutie pie! WAIT! He looks familiar! *GASP* He’s J Huntington III from Sim New Girl! That’s one of my favorite TV shows to watch!

“OH EM GEE! Are you J Huntington III from the TV sitcom, Sim New Girl????”, I asked while fan-girling. Meeting celebrities is a rare opportunity!!

“LOL! Yes I am! And you are?”, J asked.

“I’m Maple and I love your show!! You’re one of my favorite characters!!”

“Wow, thanks! I’m pleased to hear that!”

He works as a Tech Guru and he’s a big fan of sports. Sadly, I learned that he’s non-committal, meaning he can’t stick to one relationship. 😦

Chance of getting friend-zoned by him: 100%

Hours later

I headed to one of the food stalls nearby and decided to try out one of Brindleton Bay’s specialities! According to my Brindleton Bay guidebook, the specialities are Popcorn Shrimp, Haddock Sandwich, Lobster Roll, and Seafood Chowder.

The first dish I decided to try? Popcorn Shrimp! I’m fond of shrimp dishes. My favorite? Shrimp Scampi!

After my food, I saw some stray cats! I thought I would go up and say hello!

Here’s Stray Cat #1. His name is Rye. Cute looking cat.

Stray Cat #2’s name is Mia. She’s really cute!

Stray Cat #3’s name is Monster. WHO WOULD NAME A CAT MONSTER??!! He’s cute, just like Mia and Rye.

Next, I headed to Dessert Bloom, aka Money Making Park, to do some fishing and collecting collectables.

Ooooo, chrysanthemums! These can be useful for my garden! I’ll plant these tomorrow.

Back at home, I purchased a new toilet! It’s about time! I’m getting so uncomfortable using the pee bush to do my business!

Good night, everyone! See you tomorrow!

Funds at the end of the day: §708


Maple tried out the popcorn shrimp dish, so 100 pts added to my score.

The pee bush has been replaced with an inexpensive toilet!

Author’s Note

Maple has met three stray cats! One of these strays will end up as the one Maple will adopt. Who do you think she should adopt?

Current Score: 100 pts

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 3

It’s a new day! I thought it would be a good idea to travel to Brindleton Bay and meet some furry friends!

Here I am in Brindleton Bay, where cats and dogs tend to roam around. This is where I’ll establish my vet clinic once I have enough funds to do so.

I looked around and I saw a big white dog. I went up to say hello to it.

I remember seeing this breed around before, so if my thinking is right, this is a Great Pyrenees!

I wanted to talk to it, but it started to run to the park. I ran with it and he stopped next to a girl in the beautiful, white printed dress.

“So this must be your owner?”, I asked the dog.

I asked the girl in the printed dress if the white dog is her’s. She said yes and I told her that I loved her dog. Later, she introduced herself as Mandy and she said that her big white dog is a Great Pyrenees (I was right!), it’s a male, and his name is Apollo. She also has a male Dalmatian puppy named Spots! How cute!

I noticed how close Apollo is to Mandy. He must be loyal to her.

After getting to know Mandy and watching an intense chess match, I went around the neighborhood is see if I can collect more collectables.

Hours later, I made enough to get myself an inexpensive stereo to help my fun meter. It’s been low since the first day and I’ve been struggling to get it up.

As I was dancing, I saw a familiar face!

*GASP* It’s Joaquin! THE FAMOUS JOAQUIN! The one VL knows! VL = Virtualee, the creator of this Vet and Home Challenge!

“Hello, buttercup!!! It is I, Joaquin!”, he said. He called me “buttercup”! How cute!

“Hello, Joaquin! I’m Maple!”, I said.

“Hello, Maple! It’s a pleasure to meet you! What are you doing here in Windenburg?”, he asked.

“I’m on a quest to build a home for myself and a 5 star vet clinic!”

“Oh, that’s so cool, buttercup!”

Hours later

“If you have any questions about this challenge, don’t hesitate to contact me or VL!”, Joaquin said.

“Will do!”, I said.

“I must be on my way! I got this party to go to! See you later, buttercup!”

With that, he was on his way to his fun party!

I’m so tired. Better head off to bed! Good night!

Funds at the end of Day 3: §154

Author’s Note

Her fun has been struggling, so I thought a stereo would at least help. When there’s not much time for Maple to chat with her friends, talking with the strays helps her social need!

Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 2


It’s a new day! What exciting things will happen??

I just did my business and now I’m starving! I NEED FOOD!!

I’ll just go to my handy dandy cooler to get myself some scrumptious granola! A healthy breakfast!

After breakfast, I headed around the neighborhood to search for some collectables. Little did I know that I’m still in my PJs!!!

10 minutes into my scavenger hunt, I noticed someone near my home lot. I went back to greet that person.

“Oh, hi there! What bring you here?”, I asked the well groomed gentleman.

OOPS! I forgot to check into my everyday wear! How embarrassing. So with some Sims Logic, I switched into my dress.

The gentleman kindly welcomed me to Windenburg and he introduced himself as Gunther Munch. He works as a writer and has two brothers named Wolfgang and Lucas. Wolfgang is a rebel while Lucas is a sweetheart. His mother works as a chef at a restaurant and every day after coming home from work, Lucas cheers her up.

I also told himself a bit about myself and why my house is not yet a house. It’s because I’m on a quest on building myself a home and vet clinic.

We chatted for about an hour until it was time for Gunther to go to work.

“It was pleasure to have met you. Again, welcome to Windenburg and good luck on your quest!”, he said.

“Thanks!”, I said.

“If you need anything, you can always stop by our place. Take care and have a good day.”

“Goodbye! You too have a great day!”, I said and Gunther left for work.

Back to my scavenger hunt.

I found some mushrooms that can be useful to start a garden. Got 20 of them!

There, I planted one mushroom and sold the rest. Apparently, 1 mushroom is worth §1.

I remembered to write a note, saying I should work on my garden only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

I just remembered that this neighborhood has some easels! I decided to let my

I painted a decent painting, don’t you think?

I sold it to a collector and I got back §52. I spent §50 and I got back §52?? Oh, I forgot. It’s a normal quality painting. Only excellent paintings and masterpieces are worth a lot.

I’m hungry! Better head back to get some of those hot dogs!

I saved enough to get myself a trash can! Besides, I don’t have a sink yet and I should save up!

Late night fishing? Why not? I still have time until the day is over!

WOOT! I got a Minnow!

I’m so tired! Better head to bed. Good night everyone!

Funds at the end of Day 2: §177


Maple’s home now has a trash can. So, no more dirty dishes lying around the lot!

Author’s Note

Since Maple’s home doesn’t have a fridge yet, any uneaten food will get spoiled over time. I learned some trick to make them last longer. It’s to put them into the household inventory and take it out whenever my Sims get hungry.

Vet Clinic Chronicles: Day 1


Hello, wonderful people! My name is Maple Anderson and I’m on a quest to build my own home and a 5 star vet clinic.

A little bit about myself: I’m an animal lover and I love interacting with animals and taking care of them. I’ve just graduated from vet school and now I’m ready for this quest to build a successful vet clinic.

I found the perfect place to start my home, which is Windenburg. Once I have enough funds, my vet clinic will be built in Brindleton Bay, which is about an hour or two bus ride from here. The vet clinic will be named Cypress Creek Animal Hospital.

I started fresh with 0 Simoleons (seriously??), which meant I have to find ways to make money. I started off with fishing. There’s a pond near by, so let’s go!

Minutes into fishing, I got nothing!! I thought when my line wiggled, there would be a fish! Turns out, there wasn’t!!

Having no luck with the fishing, I decided to look for any collectables around my neighborhood.

I saw this log and got a cool Eggplant Frog!

I think it’s time I try fishing again. The fish must be biting at this hour.

Yay! I got myself a Minnow, but it gave me only §5? Not what I was hoping, but oh well, it’s something.

After 1 hour of fishing, I earned enough to make myself some hot dogs for my lunch break.

Wow, those hot dogs filled me up! It’s time to head to Dessert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs, which is not far from here.

When I got there, I went straight ahead to find some collectables.

I went to this water pump and got a Striped Eggplant Frog that costed §10. Not bad.

I look around the park and WOW, there are so many rocks and dirt piles!

After walking around Dessert Bloom, I made enough funds to get myself a bed, shower, pee bush, and a cooler. Why a pee bush? Because if I were to buy a toilet, people walking around here would see me pee and that would be embarrassing! Besides, I don’t have enough funds left to build me some walls! Maybe later.

It’s getting late, so I should head off to bed! Good night, my lovely friends, and see you tomorrow!

Funds at the end of Day 1: §22


Maple’s home now has a bed, cooler, shower, and a pee bush.

Author’s Note

Welcome to Vet Clinic Chronicles, a Sims 4 Vet and Home Challenge. The fantastic Virtualee was wonderful to create this fun challenge! If you are interested, check out the rules here.

I’ll attempt to try and pursue all 3 of the side challenges.

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