“HISSSSSSSSS!!! Another day, another great opportunity to work on my vampire powers!”, Nate said.

It was still bright outside, so Nate headed to the computer to chat with his family.

“Life as a vampire can be tough as the humans tend to get scared of us vampires, especially those master and grand vampires,” Nate said.

After a great hour of socializing, Nate headed to the organ to practice.

Nate decided to pay the Vatore Siblings a visit so that he can share the big news with Caleb and Lilith, get some training, and possibly do some vampire spars.

With his eternally welcome power, he gained access to their house.

“Hey, Caleb and Lilith! Guess what?”, Nate said.

“What?”, Caleb said.

“I have turn someone into a vampire!”, Nate said.

“You DID? Did you do it here in Forgotten Hallow?”, Caleb said shocked.

“No. Why are you asking?”, Nate wondered.

“I shall give you a warning. Here in Forgotten Hollow, it’s forbidden to turn humans into vampires nor is it okay to suck the plasma from those who walk around here. Should you break this rule, Count Vladislaus Straud, who is the grand master vampire, will be disappointed in you,” Lilith said.

“This rule exists so that we don’t expose ourselves to the humans!”, Caleb said.

“Anyway, who did you turn into a vampire?”, Lilith asked.

“Eliza Pancakes,” Nate said.

“Eliza Pancakes, huh? Nice choice. Well, I’ve heard she tends to be everywhere, just like the famous Nancy Landgraab. Lots of people say she’s a troll,” Lilith said.

“Next time you want to turn someone into a vampire, you have to convince them that life as a vampire can be fun or it’s best to do it when they discovered that you’re a vampire,” Caleb said.

“Now that I’ve got the news out of the way, Caleb, would you mind giving me some training?”, Nate asked.

“Not at all! I’d be happy to train you!”, Caleb said.

“Great! Let’s get started,” Nate said.

“A lot of these powers are good for not only turning others into vampires, but also cool powers such as detecting the humans’ personalities and causing hallucinations,” Caleb said.

“Watch me closely,” Caleb said as he performed one of his powers.

“Now you try it,” Caleb said.

“Okay!”, Nate said and tried to replicate what Caleb did.

“No, no, no! You did it all wrong!”, Caleb said.

“GRRRR! I thought I had it!!”, Nate said.

A few hours later, Vlad, the grand vampire, has stopped by to paid a visit to Nate. Earlier, Vlad texted Nate and asked if he wanted to come over and check up on him. He accepted and Vlad flew over to the Vatores’ house.

“Nate Vezina, I presume?”, Vlad asked when he saw Nate.

“Yes, sir,” Nate said.

“Mr. Vezina, I haven’t had a chance to stop by and introduce myself. As you already know, I’m Count Vladislaus Straud, founder of Forgotten Hallow and mentor to the newcomers to the vampire family. You’re to address me as Vladislaus and only Vladislaus,” Vlad said.

“So, you mind if I called you Vlad?”, Nate said.

“I do mind,” Vlad said.

“Count Vladislaus, as you can see, I’ve been working hard to become less human and more vampire. I’ve been practicing my vampire powers and gaining knowledge on vampires,” Nate said.

“I’ve seen and I’m quite impressed,” Vlad said.

“Wait. How can you see me?”, Nate said.

“Easy. I have a magic orb in my mansion and I observe every vampire in this world. Every time a new vampire arrives, I get a letter in the mail from The Grand Vampires Office, telling me about the new vampire and from there, I mail them a package of plasma packs and watch them from my magic orb,” Vlad said.

“Wow,” Nate said.

“I recently turned someone into a vampire!”, Nate said.

“You did? That’s what I love to hear. Pick your victims wisely because these will be part of your coven,” Vlad said.

“I have plans to turn a lot of people into vampires!”, Nate said.

“Excellent. Once your victims have become vampires, you’ll need to train them into fully grown vampires,” Vlad said.

“Will do, Vladislaus,” Nate said.

“Question: did you turn your victim into a vampire here or somewhere else?”, Vlad asked.

“Somewhere. In Willow Creek,” Nate said.

“Good! It’s forbidden for us vampires to transform the humans into vampires and feed on them! If that’s done, our existence will be exposed and that could ruin us!”, Vlad said.

“I won’t turn anyone into vampires nor will I feed on them here in Forgotten Hollow,” Nate said.

“Excellent! Make sure you don’t forget that! If you’re thirsty, have some plasma packs and plasma fruit!”, Vlad said.

“Will do!”, Nate said.

“Oh yeah, thank you for the plasma packs.They’re useful in case I get thirsty and I can’t go outside when it’s bright and sunny outside,” Nate said.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Vezina. Remember it’s dangerous to be in the hot sun. You can risk death from being burnt in the sunlight. However, there is a drink recipe that will give you temporary immunity to the sunlight, which I hope you know how to make?”, Vlad asked.

“Yes,” Nate said.

“Name them,” Vlad said.

“I need two garlic and one plasma fruit,” Nate said.

“Correct! Now remember, you should be careful with garlic because vampires hate them!”, Vlad said.

“I’ve heard about those vampire spars and duels. Could you tell me about them?”, Nate said.

“Vampire spars are friendly fights between two vampires and a duel is between two vampires who hate each other,” Vlad said.

“Would you care to do a spar with me?”, Nate said.

“You want to do a spar with me? I accept. Let’s see how powerful you are,” Vlad said and the two headed outside for a vampire spar.

“I’m ready!”, Nate said.

“Wait until I switch into my dark form and we will battle!”, Vlad said as he prepared to switch into his dark form.

Folks, get your popcorn and drinks out and enjoy the vampire spar!

“HA! I win!”, Nate said.

“I lost? How could this be?”, Vlad said.

“Good battle!”, Nate said.

“I have to say, I’m very impressed with your fighting powers,” Vlad said.

After the spar was over, Nate showed off his powers to Vlad.

“This is the power to mesmerize, right?”, Nate asked.

“Correct. This is one you should never forget!”, Vlad said.

“I will show you the power to-“, Vlad said as he attempted to demonstrate the power to detect personalities on humans.

“What happened?”, Vlad wondered.

OMG, you’re a Grand Vampire. You should know your powers!

“I possess the power to gain access to residences without the need to knock on the door! Let me show you!”, Nate said.

“Very good. Now, when you mesmerize people, you need to make sure they’re unconscious when you sink your teeth into their necks,” Vlad said.

I can tell Vlad is proud of Nate for showing off impressive powers, but still, he encouraged Nate to continue practicing those powers.

“Hey, Caleb. Want to do a vampire spar with me?”, Nate asked.

“Sure. Why not? Let’s see how powerful you are!”, Caleb said and the two went outside.

Both boys are ready to do a vampire spar! Let’s see who will win!

Uh oh, Nate lost! :O

“Yes! I win!”, Caleb said.

“I thought I won. How could this be?”, Nate said.

“You did your best and that’s what matters,” Caleb said.

“True true,” Nate said.

When Nate got home, he remember that he purchased some Sixam Mosquito Traps. He got out the seeds and planted them.

After taking care of the Sixam Mosquito Traps, he headed to the basement and took care of his plasma trees and wolfbane plants.

That should wrap it up for Day 3! Stay tuned for Day 4!

Powers Gained

  • Detect Personality
  • Command
  • Upgraded to Occult Master

Weaknesses Gained

  • Sleep of the Undead


  • Nate is now a Prime Vampire!

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