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The House 002 heir ages up!!

Cameron’s Birthday

Yay!! Today’s Cameron’s birthday, which means that he’ll be aging up! Woo-hoo!! I went up to his bassinet and aged him up!

06-24-16_12-19-52 AM

In a matter of seconds, the bassinet shaked and out came Cameron! How cute does he look???

When he aged up, he inherited the loves outdoors trait from me. Hmmm. That should be the trait that shall be carried throughout the challenge. What do you all think?

06-24-16_12-20-10 AM

Cameron, I like the overalls you have on. That hat’s cute, but it has to go. Those pink shoes aren’t your type. So let’s bring you to the closet for a change of clothes!

06-24-16_12-21-12 AM

Here’s a close up of Cameron after giving him a couple of changes to his outfits. Who does he take up after? Me or Paolo?

06-24-16_12-22-25 AM

Much better! He’s so adorable in his new clothes!!

Ah, I see Paolo woke up, looking flithy and tried at the same time. Instead of heading to the shower, he decided to go back to sleep. Not a smart choice, Paolo.

06-24-16_12-22-52 AM

“Let’s take a picture together, sweetie!!”, I said.

“Okay, Mommy!!”, Cameron said.

“Anjee!!”, I said and we took the picture.

06-24-16_12-23-05 AM

I shall leave you all with me expressing my love to Cameron. He’s so cute!!!

Finally, Cameron is now a child! Thank you for drifting with me! I’ll see you all later! Bye! ❤

Author’s Notes

For my legacy challenge, I use the Random Trait Generator. For this challenge, here’s how I’ll go with choosing the traits and aspiration: I chose one trait from mom, one trait from dad, and the last trait (I call it the speciality trait) and aspiration will be chosen based on the Sim’s interests.

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