06-23-16_1-33-18 AM


Yvette finally got a trash plant!

Behold, a Trash Plant!

06-23-16_1-30-21 AM

Morning, all! I’m just enjoying a nice bowl of cereal and some sports on TV!

06-23-16_1-31-27 AM

After that great breakfast, I went to do my usual harvesting! Hmmmm, with the house expanding, I have to start fencing my garden.

06-23-16_1-33-06 AM

Oh, yay!!!!!!!! The trash pile turned into a trash plant! I look forward to seeing what those trash fruit look like!

06-23-16_1-35-53 AM

Okay, I got my garden fenced in and I moved the trash plant and the spliced plant into it. Much better!

06-23-16_1-38-31 AM

Time to also dig up some more rocks and gemstones!

06-23-16_1-39-26 AM

Uh oh! It’s Clara Bjergsen and she doesn’t look happy.

“GRRRRR. She gets a house and my family has to suffer being homeless! I bet her creator was the one who bulldozed our house! Whoever did this is going to go to jail for a lifetime!”, Clara said.

Wow, she’s still mad about her house being bulldozed? At least you found a new house to settle in.

06-23-16_1-39-50 AM

I went to stream to look for frogs and I got a Whirlyflower Frog! Best part? It’s a rare frog and it costed 160 Simoleons! I’m keeping it and breeding it with other frogs I caught! Now, on to some fishing!

06-23-16_1-40-37 AM

Goody, goody, goody! I got a guppy!

After hours of fishing, it was getting late. So, I headed back to the lot to get ready for bed and sell all the fish I’ve caught and all the rocks I’ve dug up.30

06-23-16_1-43-40 AM

Hey there! It’s Joaquin Le Chien, who became Cherie Pie Barbie’s hubby in Virtualee’s Drifter Challenge! My hubby will be none other than Paolo Rocca!

06-23-16_1-44-01 AM

Oh yeah! I’m gonna get married tomorrow and we’re going to raise a happy family while building a beautiful house!

06-23-16_1-45-09 AM

Off to bed I go! Thank you so much for drifting with me and I’ll see you in the next part! Talk to you soon! ❤


This was my reaction when I finally saw the trash pile turned into a trash plant! (P.S: I love Seinfeld!)


Author’s Note

It took several Sim days for the trash pile to grow into a trash plant and poor Yvette had to suffer being SO uncomfortable during the duration. Yvette watched sports on TV without having me choose the channel for her! If this keeps up when Paolo’s around, then the heir/heiress will get the bro trait on his or her teen birthday. Yes, I’ll be posting GIFs when possible. 🙂

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