06-23-16_12-51-33 AM


Okay, folks! Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to reveal the guy that will be Yvette’s spouse!

Bring Out the Love

06-23-16_12-46-10 AM

Good morning! I didn’t realize that I threw away the trash pile that was meant to be turned into a trash plant. So, I had to get another trash pile and put a higher fence around it.

06-23-16_12-47-36 AM

I was feeling so lonely, so I decided to call Paolo, my soon-to-be husband, and ask him to come hang out with me.

10 minutes later, Paolo arrived and it’s time that I tell him my feelings toward him.

06-23-16_12-49-35 AM

I noticed that he’s flirty! Perfect mood to do some romantic interactions! I started off by flirting with him and he took it! Perfect!

06-23-16_12-50-17 AM

He decided to flirt back and that’s when the pink bar appeared!

“You’re such a cutie!”, I said.

“You’re a cutie too!”, Paolo said.

06-23-16_12-51-24 AM

After the flirting, Paolo and I exchanged numbers.

Exchanging numbers made me confident and that allowed me to do the bold pickup line!

06-23-16_12-52-46 AM

Next, we embraced each other. I love Paolo to bits and he loves me back!

06-23-16_12-53-11 AM

I kissed his hands next. Wow, they’re really soft!

Okay, everyone! Get ready! Paolo and I are about to have our first kiss!

06-23-16_12-54-17 AM

Here it is! Our first kiss!! It felt great!

“Oo la la!! Yvette, you’re an excellent kisser!”, Paolo said.

“Thanks!”, I said and blew him a kiss.

06-23-16_12-54-55 AM

After all those romantic and friendly interactions and the first kiss, it time to declare Paolo my boyfriend! I asked him if he wanted to be my boyfriend and he gladly accepted!

06-23-16_12-55-10 AM

I was so excited about this that I had to get a cute selfie with him! Aren’t we so cute together?

Later, it was time for Paolo to go.

“Thank you for hanging out with me, sweetie!”, I said.

“No problem, babe. I had a great time with you!”, Paolo asked.

“Same here!”, I said.

“I must be on my way. Text me, okay?”, Paolo said.

“I will! Bye!”, I said and he left.

06-23-16_12-55-39 AM


After he left, I went to check the mail. In the mailbox, I got an envelope from the government and they said that I owed 83 Simoleons. I took care of that right away.

06-23-16_12-57-37 AM

I got to make sure that my garden is in good shape, so I went to tend it.

After I tended my garden, I went to fish for the rest of the day.

06-23-16_12-59-24 AM

For today’s catches, I got a cichlid.

06-23-16_12-59-29 AM

Another cichlid.

06-23-16_1-01-11 AM

…and an angelfish.

06-23-16_1-01-27 AM

*Sigh* Paolo. I love him so much. I can’t wait for us to get married.

06-23-16_1-03-59 AM

It got late, so I headed back to my house and got ready for bed. It was great day today! Paolo became my dear boyfriend! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

Until next time, happy drifting and I’ll see you in the next part!


…and now, time for Posing with Paolo with your host, Paolo Rocca!

06-23-16_12-51-59 AM 06-23-16_12-52-04 AM 06-23-16_12-52-09 AM

Author’s Notes

There you have it, folks! Yvette and Paolo are pronounced boyfriend and girlfriend! After Yvette flirted with Paolo, Paolo flirted back autonomously! Awesome! I think Paolo really loved her as much as Yvette loved him.

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