06-23-16_12-31-03 AM


Yvette was extremely tried and won’t do much today.

A Tiring Day

06-23-16_12-31-11 AM

Yuck!! All those disgusting surroundings!! I need to move my plants to the far corner so that I don’t get extremely uncomfortable from that smelly trash pile!

06-23-16_12-36-15 AM

Great news, people!! I saved enough to build a second room!! I’ll move the toilet and shower into the new room and my newly upgraded bed into the first room. So, I got one bedroom and one bathroom! All right! One more bedroom to go and the next thing I’ll focus on is the value of the house! I’ll have to make sure it’s worth 30K or more after depreciation!

06-23-16_12-37-11 AM

*Yawns* GREAT. I’m so sleepy and it’s the afternoon! Why me?!

06-23-16_12-37-29 AM

I’ll rest up and I’ll do some cleaning around the lot afterwards.

06-23-16_12-38-45 AM

I better make sure when I clean up the trash, I don’t throw away that trash pile! I MUST GET THAT TRASH PLANT!

That’s all for now. Sorry it’s short. The good thing is I finally built a second room to my house! Anyway, Happy Drifting and I’ll talk to you guys soon! Bye!~

Author’s Notes

Off camera, Yvette accidentally threw away the trash pile that was meant to be turned into a trash pile. Oops. Looks like next time, she’ll have to get another trash pile and put taller fences around it.

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