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In Day 2 of the challenge, Yvette worked hard to make enough money to get a shower.

Finally, A Shower

06-17-16_12-29-46 AM

It’s another day of the Drifter Challenge! Please excuse my low hygenie needs. Today’s goal is to make enough money to buy a shower. First things first, I have to pee and then I play some mobile games.

06-17-16_12-30-38 AM

Ah, looks like the crops at the community garden are ready for harvesting! Let’s go there!

I got some daisies and carrots from there. Not bad. Not bad.

After I got those crops, I ran around and dug up some rocks and got some sage and onions.

06-17-16_12-33-29 AM

I hour later, I began to look filthy and WHOA, I really smell horrible. I’m getting there. Just a couple more Simoleons and then I’ll get the shower.

06-17-16_12-34-07 AM

I saw a wild daisy bush and I got some daisies from it.

I saved 4 carrots, 4 onions, 4 sages, and 4 daisies and sold the rest, along with the metals and capsules I collected. All that added up to 289 Simoleons, which is enough to buy a shower! WOO-HOO!!

06-17-16_12-38-55 AM

I bought the shower and that left me with 14 Simoleons. I got into the shower and took my relaxing shower.

30 minutes later, I finished my shower and went to start my garden. Hopefully I can make lots of money from gardening.

06-17-16_12-40-31 AM

That’s my garden here. I’ll rearrange it to make it look organized later.

06-17-16_12-40-41 AM

Got to make sure my plants stay healthy, so I went to water them.

06-17-16_12-41-25 AM

*Yawns* It’s getting late and it’s my bedtime. I shall wave goodbye to you all and see you in the next part! Happy Drifting!

Author’s Notes

There you have it! Yvette’s sanitary needs are taken care of with the toilet and shower! I know the toilet and shower are cheap quality at the moment, but once Yvette has enough money and it’s the right time, they’ll be upgraded.

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