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The whole family together!


It’s time for Peyton to age up! The question is: will he take up after Mom or Dad? Let’s find out!

Peyton Ages Up

It’s Peyton’s birthday!! Time to age the little one up! So, without further ado, Felicia went to the bassinet and aged him up! As the bassinet shook, out came Peyton!

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No, no, no, no! You’re not going out like that! I’ll bring you into CAS to get you new outfits and a new hairstyle.

Peyton rolled the bookworm trait and his child aspiration will be Artistic Prodigy! Looks like Peyton took up after Felicia since he inherited the bookworm trait and has some of Felicia’s facial features. How exciting!

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After getting a change of clothes and a haircut, Peyton went to hug his dear mother.

“Mommy!!”, Peyton said.

“Peyton, sweetheart!! Aren’t you a handsome guy! Wow, you’re taking up after Mommy!! You even got Mommy’s love for books!”, Felicia said as she hugged him.

“He sure is, darling. Josh takes up after me and Peyton takes up after you!”, Joaquin said.

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The family continued on with their daily routine. It’s great the Peyton took up after Felicia with the bookworm trait and her looks.

Peyton’s Outfits and Closeup

Peyton Devereux (child)


Peyton's outfits

Peyton’s everyday outfits