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Woohooing 2.0 at its best!


Looks like Joaquin and Felicia are wanting to have another child in family. Will they be able to handle another child in the family?

Another Nooboo?

Author note: During gameplay, Joaquin had a whim to try for a baby with Felicia, so I fuifilled that whim.

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Another great day in the Devereux household. Joaquin was asking Felicia a question about having another child. She was hesitant at first because having another child mean more responsibilities, but they reached a compromise later. They promise to spend their time equally with both children and at the same time, balance their careers and free time.

“Well, babe? Are you ready to try for a baby with me?”, Joaquin asked.

“I’m all ready! Let’s do this!”, Felicia said.

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Being near a bush, Felicia and Joaquin prepared themselves for the woohoo session.

“You go in first!”, Felicia said.

“No, you go in!”, Joaquin said.

“No, YOU go in!”, Felicia said and pushed Joaquin in. Once he was in, she jumped right in and from there, the session began.

04-15-16_10-01-29 PM

Hearts flew out of the bush and sparkles can be seen. You can also hear them giggling.

“Hehehehe, I love you from the moon and back!”, Felicia said.

“I love you for eternity!”, Joaquin said.

Near the end of the woohoo session, fireworks can be heard popping! That mean this session went well, but was Felicia pregnant? Let’s find out!

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“Hehehehe. That was amazing!”, Felicia said.

“Couldn’t ask for a better woohoo!”, Joaquin said.

“Now to take that pregnancy test!”, Felicia said and went to the bathroom to take it.

04-15-16_10-02-41 PM

While she took it, confetti started flying everyone! Felicia is pregnant once again, folks! Hopefully it’ll be twins!

04-15-16_10-03-10 PM

“Joaquin, sweet bunny! I’m pregnant!”, Felicia said.

“Really??”, Joaquin asked.

“Yes, dear! The test speaks for itself!”, Felicia said.

“Hooray!!! There’s going to be a new addition in the family! Josh is going to be a big brother!”, Joaquin said.

More good news arrives at the Devereux family! There’s going to be a new addition in the family!