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Josh all grown up!


It’s time to age Josh up! This is exciting! I look forward to see what trait and aspiration he’ll roll.

Josh Ages Up

04-15-16_9-41-14 PM

Today’s the day Josh will age up! Happy Birthday, Josh! Felicia went towards the bassinet and aged Josh up. As it was shaking, a beautiful and handsome child came out! This outfit and hairstyle looked perfect on him!

Josh rolled the lazy trait and his child aspiration will be Artistic Prodigy. Since he’s lazy, he won’t like working out or doing house chores. Isn’t he cute? He’s got Felicia’s eye color and nose and Joaquin’s eyes and hair color.

04-15-16_9-41-48 PM

“Mommy!!!”, Josh said.

“Josh!!! You’re all grown up!! Wow, you got Mommy’s nose and eye color and Daddy’s eyes and hair color!”, Felicia said.

“Where’s Daddy?”, Josh asked.

“Let’s go outside and find him!”, Felicia said and the two went to find Joaquin.

04-15-16_9-43-01 PM

“Joaquin, sweetie! Josh aged up!”, Felicia said.

“Daddy!!!!”, Josh said.

“Josh, my son! My, you sure got Daddy’s looks, didn’t you?”, Joaquin said.

“Yes I did, Daddy!”, Josh said.

“He’s certainly a splitting image of you!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_9-44-13 PM

“Darling, he’s so cute!”, Joaquin said.

“Say, do I start school tomorrow?”, Josh asked.

“Yes, sweetie, you do!”, Felicia said.

“Oh boy! I can’t wait to make some new friends!”, Josh said.

“You’ll make lots of new friends, Josh. I guarantee it!”, Joaquin said.

04-15-16_9-45-28 PM

I shall leave you with Joaquin playing the guitar, Felicia writing her next book, and Josh playing with the lump of clay. Later, I went into CAS and gave Josh 4 more everyday outfits. Nowadays, I love giving my Sims 5 everyday outfits. Got to have variety, you know.

Now that Josh is a child, he’s ready to go out and make new friends!

Josh’s Outfits and Closeup

Josh Devereux (child)


Josh's Everyday Outfits

Josh’s everyday outfits