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Welcome to the world, Josh Devereux!


It’s time for Felicia to give birth! This is an exciting moment to cherish! Could the child be Generation 2’s heir or heiress?

It’s Go Time!

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Felicia woke up early to finish a novel she was working on. A few seconds later, her water broke. That meant it’s time to give birth!

“HONEY! WAKE UP!”, Felicia said and Joaquin woke up.

“Ughhh, what’s with all the yelling?”, Joaquin said.

“MY WATER BROKE!”, Felicia said.

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“WHAT?!”, Joaquin said.

“I’M READY TO GIVE BIRTH!!!”, Felicia said.

“OH, GEEZ! Well, we better get you to the hospital!!”, Joaquin said and he took Felicia to the Willow Creek Hospital.

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Once the two arrived, Joaquin was still in panic mode.

“OMG! OMG! My wife is ready to give birth! Is there a doctor on duty??”, Joaquin asked.

“Joaquin, dear, calm down. I’m sure he or she will arrive soon,” Felicia said.

“I’m here,” a voice said behind them.

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Everyone, meet Dr. Trevon Tubbs, who will deliver Felicia’s baby.

“Relax, everyone. The great Dr. Tubbs is here,” Dr. Tubbs said.

“Hey, doctor. My wife’s pregnant! Please-“, Joaquin said.

“Don’t worry, sir. Your wife and your baby will be in my good hands. Now, ma’am, before we can deliver your baby, please check in at the front desk,” Dr. Tubbs said and Felicia went to check in.

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The receptionist turned out to be Eric Lewis.

“Good morning, ma’am. I see you’re here to give birth. Congratulations!”, Eric said.

“Thank you! Anyway, I’m here to check in,” Felicia said.

“OK, give me a few minutes,” Eric said and checked in Felicia in. Once he’s done, Felicia proceeded to the operation room, where Dr. Tubbs will deliver the baby.

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Felicia changed into her medical gown and lied down on the operating table. From there, Dr. Tubbs started the operation.

“Is everything going to work out fine, Dr. Tubbs?”, Joaquin asked.

“As I mentioned earlier, your wife is in good hands,” Dr. Tubbs said.

“Relax, honey. I’ll be fine,” Felicia said.

It took Dr. Tubbs one hr to operate on Felicia and the operating machine successfully delivered Felicia’s baby.

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“Congratulations!! It’s a boy!”, Dr. Tubbs said.

“A boy? Yay!!”, Felicia said.

“What would you like to name him?”, Dr. Tubbs asked.

“His name will be Josh,” Felicia said.

“Beautiful name! Would you like to cuddle with him?”, Dr. Tubbs asked.

“Of course!”, Felicia said.

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Felicia got up, changed into her everyday clothes, and cuddled with Josh.

“Hey, Josh. This is your mommy! Daddy and I promise to take extra care of you,” Felicia said.

“Sweetie!”, Joaquin said.

“Dear! I gave birth to a baby boy! This is Josh!”, Felicia said.

“Awwww, he’s so cute! Let Daddy take a look at you!”, Joaquin said and cooed at Josh.

“Again, congratulations on your baby boy! Here’s a birth certificate for you,” Dr. Tubbs said and gave the couple the birth certificate.

“Thank you so much, doc!”, the couple said,

“No problem! You’re free to go! Have a wonderful day!”, Dr. Tubbs said and Felicia and Joaquin went home with Felicia cuddling Josh in her arms. According to the Gender Law I chose to follow, Josh will be Generation 2’s heir!

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At home, Joaquin got another look at Josh.

“You’re a cutie, aren’t you? Oh, yes you are!”, Joaquin said as he played with Josh. Meanwhile, Felicia was building a bedroom. Their bed and Josh’s bassinet will be in it.

After the bedroom was constructed, the bed and bassinet was moved to it. Felicia hung the birth certificate on the wall, just above Josh’s bassinet. Next to the bassinet will be a Ninjapig statue.

“What’s this?”, Joaquin asked.

“That’s Ninjapig. She’ll protect us from danger,” Felicia said.

“Ninjapig’s cute! I love her!”, Joaquin said.

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After Josh was put down for a nap, Felicia continued working on her novel while Joaquin practiced his guitar skills.

Jade's congratulatory message

Later, Jade texted Felicia to congratulate her on the new addition to the family. How sweet of you, Jade! 🙂

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Don’t worry, little Josh. Ninjapig will protect you and your parents from danger.

*Ninjapig oinks* ( . . )

Welcome to the world, Josh Devereux! There’s a lot to look forward to in the future! 🙂