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Welcome to the Upper Crusts, Felicia!


After hearing all about the clubs in Windenburg, it was time that she went ahead and join one. Since she’s a big fan of food, she decided to join the Upper Crusts.

Joining the Upper Crusts

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Felicia has a great day ahead. She started the day of with yogurt for breakfast. The first thing she had in her mind was to practice her writing skills as well as write her first book. Once she finished her yogurt, we went to clean up and then headed to the library.

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Once Felicia arrived at the library, she went on one of the computers and started to practice her writing skills. She did that for an hour and after she practiced her writing skills, she wrote her first book titled “Little Susie’s First Day of School”.

“My writing skills are proficient to write children’s books at this time. Once I get better, I can write other genres of books! Hopefully, I can to write some cool biographies and screenplays!”, Felicia said.

After her first book was written, she felt accomplished.

She then suddenly felt her stomach growl, so she headed home to find something to eat.

“UGH! I’m so sick and tired of living through cereal, chips, and yogurt!”, Felicia said. Sorry, Felicia. I wish I can give you a stove, but you can’t afford one at this time, and no, I’m not allowed to cheat your funds. Rules are rules and I have to abide by them.

Since she had enough money for a grill, she decided to buy one and from there, she cooked hamburgers on them.

Things were going well until a fire broke out and Felicia started to panic.

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“AHHH!! FIRE!! FIRE!! FIRE!! HELP!!”, Felicia said as she screamed for help.

She quickly got out the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Thank god the fire was put out and that she didn’t get singed.

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Lesson to be learned: never attempt to cook something on the stove and grill until your cooking skills are top notch.

A few minutes after the fire was put out, she got a text from Clara Bjergsen, asking if she was interested in joining the Upper Crusts. She gladly accepted and headed to the Bjergsens’ house, where the Upper Crusts meet.

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When she arrived, Clara was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey, Clara’s the leader, so where is she?”, Felicia asked.

“Oh, she’s at work. Despite that she’s not here, we can still proceed with the gathering,” the lady said.

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“Welcome to the Upper Crusts, new member! I’m Hugo Villareal and I’m so glad you decided to join us!”, Hugo said.

“I’m Mila Munch and I’m super excited that you decided to join the Upper Crusts. Get ready for loads of food fun!”, Mila said.

“It’s nice to meet you, Hugo and Mila. I’m Felicia Devereux and I love food, the outdoors, and books!”, Felicia said.

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“That’s good! So, do you have any favorite dishes that you want to share with us?”, Mila asked.

“I love just about anything. I’m from France, so I can tell you about some of the famous dishes from there. I’m sure you’ve heard of Crème brûlée, which is custard topped with a layer of hard caramel,” Felicia said.

“I’ve heard and tried it. I tell you, it’s extremely sweet!”, Hugo said.

“I agree, Hugo! Crème brûlée is a really delicious dessert! One of my favorite dishes is Beef Bourguignon. which is beef stewed in red wine!”, Felicia said.

“Wow! That sounds really tasty. I should give that a try!”, Mila said.

“Glad to hear that you want to try it! When I have time, I’ll give you the recipe. Gee, talking about food makes me really hungry, so what do you say? Let’s get cooking and eating!”, Felicia said and she, Mila, and Hugo went inside to do their foodie activities.

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When they went inside, someone had prepared some hot dogs. Probably it was Sofia, the Bjergsens’ eldest daughter. Mila, Hugo, and Felicia each grabbed a serving and started to eat. While the three ate, Felicia told a funny story about clowns.

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After the three ate, Felicia went to make herself a cup of coffee while Mila cooked up some tilapia.

“I’m so glad that I’m in this club!”, Felicia said.

“Glad to hear that, Felicia! When you’re with the Upper Crusts, food fun never ends!”, Mila said.

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After Mila cooked up the tilapia, Felicia went and grabbed herself a serving. She sat down and started to take a bite of Mila’s tilapia.

“Yum!! Mila’s an expert chef! I must learn some cooking tips from her!”, Felicia said.

A few minutes later, Bjorn saw Felicia and he sat down next her and chatted with her.

“Hi, Felicia! It’s good to see you! How are you?”, Bjorn said.

“Hi, Bjorn! I’m doing great! Guess what?”, Felicia asked.

“What?”, Bjorn asked.

“00I’m in officially in the Upper Crusts!”, Felicia said.

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“Really? Congratulations! i guarantee that you’ll love Clara as the leader! She’s an amazing cook and you’ll learn some excellent cooking tips from her!”, Bjorn said.

“Speaking about Clara, is she back yet?”, Felicia asked.

“Yes, she is. She’s in bed now because she had an exhausting day at work,” Bjorn said.

“Too bad. I really wanted to tell her how nice her club is,” Felicia said.

“I’ll tell her that when she wakes up,” Bjorn said.

It was a wonderful day, despite a fire breaking out. Felicia’s guaranteed to have a blast in the Upper Crusts.


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Uh, Hugo, why are you sleeping here? That’s not your house.