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April 2016

1.17 Peyton Ages Up

04-19-16_1-27-27 AM

The whole family together!


It’s time for Peyton to age up! The question is: will he take up after Mom or Dad? Let’s find out!

Peyton Ages Up

It’s Peyton’s birthday!! Time to age the little one up! So, without further ado, Felicia went to the bassinet and aged him up! As the bassinet shook, out came Peyton!

04-19-16_1-16-43 AM

No, no, no, no! You’re not going out like that! I’ll bring you into CAS to get you new outfits and a new hairstyle.

Peyton rolled the bookworm trait and his child aspiration will be Artistic Prodigy! Looks like Peyton took up after Felicia since he inherited the bookworm trait and has some of Felicia’s facial features. How exciting!

04-19-16_1-24-30 AM

After getting a change of clothes and a haircut, Peyton went to hug his dear mother.

“Mommy!!”, Peyton said.

“Peyton, sweetheart!! Aren’t you a handsome guy! Wow, you’re taking up after Mommy!! You even got Mommy’s love for books!”, Felicia said as she hugged him.

“He sure is, darling. Josh takes up after me and Peyton takes up after you!”, Joaquin said.

04-19-16_1-25-32 AM

The family continued on with their daily routine. It’s great the Peyton took up after Felicia with the bookworm trait and her looks.

Peyton’s Outfits and Closeup

Peyton Devereux (child)


Peyton's outfits

Peyton’s everyday outfits


1.15 Here Comes Another Nooboo!

04-19-16_12-26-08 AM

Welcome to the world, Peyton Devereux!


It’s time for Felicia to give birth to their second child!

Here Comes Another Nooboo!

04-19-16_12-14-03 AM

The day started off rough with Joaquin and Felicia having the urge to pee.

“UGH!! I HAVE TO PEE LIKE NOW!!!”, Joaquin said and headed to the bathroom.

Felicia work up with an extreme urge to pee.

“OH NO! I HAVE TO PEE TOO!!”, Felicia said.

04-19-16_12-14-33 AM

Not long after she got out, she couldn’t hold any longer.

“OH! OH! AHHHH!”, Felicia said and wet herself. She was very embarrassed afterwards.

Big oops

Sorry, Felicia!! We better get rid of that moodlet before you become mortified!

She got filthy too, so she went to take a relaxing shower. After her shower, she went into the closet to cry it out. (She had the whim to cry in the closet and she fulfilled it)

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”, Felicia said. Poor Felicia. 😦

04-19-16_12-18-19 AM

After the closet cry, she went to prepare some pan fried tilapia for the family. During the preparation, she spread some spices on herself. Plus, that’s not the outfit a pregnant mother should be wearing.

“Oops! Clumsy me!”, Felicia said.

After she prepared the tilapia and changed her outfit, she called Joaquin and Josh to meal, only to realize they’re having hamburgers that Joaquin prepared yesterday. Feeling hungry, she grabbed a serving and sat down with her family.

04-19-16_12-19-52 AM

“I heard you crying in the closet? Was something wrong?”, Joaquin said.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the toilet and I wind up wetting myself,” Felicia said.

“That’s horrible, mommy!!”, Josh said.

“That’s terrifying!!” Joaquin said.

“It sure was. Next time I have go, then I go,” Felicia said.

“Mommy, when’s my sister or brother coming?”, Josh asked.

“Hopefully, today or tomorrow,” Felicia said.

After breakfast, Josh went to school and Felicia went to work. Joaquin was left at home, so he went to write some jokes on the computer and practice his guitar skills.

04-19-16_12-24-19 AM

When Felicia got back from work, she was feeling contractions, meaning she was in labor nad it’s time to give birth. She went to purchase a bassinet and from there, she pushed and pushed and out came the baby.

04-19-16_12-25-59 AM

It’s another boy!! Felicia decided to name him Peyton.

“Your name will be Peyton!”, Felicia said.

After giving birth to Peyton, she called Joaquin over.

“Sweetie!! I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and his name is Peyton!”, Felicia said.

“Really, darling? This I must see!”, Joaquin said and went to the bassinet to see little Peyton.

04-19-16_12-27-15 AM

“Awww, Peyton! Daddy’s here,” Joaquin said as he cuddled with Peyton. Isn’t Peyton so cute?

“Josh will be so excited to see his new brother!”, Felicia said.

“I know, right? He’s going to have another friend to play with!”, Joaquin said.

Clara's message

Later, Clara was so kind to text Felicia, congratulating her on the new addition.

At 3 PM, Josh arrived home from school and he saw the bassinet.

“Did Mommy give birth already?”, Josh thought to himself and walked up to it. He saw Peyton and was gleaming with happiness.

04-19-16_12-30-01 AM

“Josh, honey. This is your brother, Peyton,” Felicia said.

“Peyton, I’m your big brother, Josh, and I promise to take good care of you and play with you!”, Josh said.

Welcome to the world, Peyton Devereux! There’s a lot to look forward to in the future!

Author’s note: I chose the name Peyton because in RL, I know someone named Peyton and in my personal save, one of the Hawkins triplets was named Peyton.

1.16 Happy Birthday, Joaquin and Felicia!

04-19-16_12-58-22 AM

Happy Birthday!!!


It’s time for Joaquin and Felicia to enter adulthood! Enjoy this chapter filled with pictures! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Joaquin and Felicia!

04-19-16_12-54-10 AM

The birthday boy!

04-19-16_12-55-26 AM

The birthday girl chatting with Candy

04-19-16_12-58-16 AM

Make a wish and blow out the candles, Felicia!

04-19-16_12-58-37 AM

You’re officially an adult, Felicia!

04-19-16_12-59-50 AM

Now it’s your turn, Joaquin! Make a wish and blow out the candles!

04-19-16_12-59-57 AM

You’re officially an adult, Joaquin!

04-19-16_1-00-25 AM

Jade’s a great singer!

04-19-16_1-00-42 AM

Clara takes care of little Peyton

04-19-16_1-00-57 AM

Come and get some cake!

Felicia's outfits

Felicia’s new everyday outfits

Joaquin's outfits

Joaquin got 4 new everyday outfits

1.13 Another Nooboo?

04-15-16_10-01-20 PM

Woohooing 2.0 at its best!


Looks like Joaquin and Felicia are wanting to have another child in family. Will they be able to handle another child in the family?

Another Nooboo?

Author note: During gameplay, Joaquin had a whim to try for a baby with Felicia, so I fuifilled that whim.

04-15-16_10-00-04 PM

Another great day in the Devereux household. Joaquin was asking Felicia a question about having another child. She was hesitant at first because having another child mean more responsibilities, but they reached a compromise later. They promise to spend their time equally with both children and at the same time, balance their careers and free time.

“Well, babe? Are you ready to try for a baby with me?”, Joaquin asked.

“I’m all ready! Let’s do this!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_10-00-22 PM

Being near a bush, Felicia and Joaquin prepared themselves for the woohoo session.

“You go in first!”, Felicia said.

“No, you go in!”, Joaquin said.

“No, YOU go in!”, Felicia said and pushed Joaquin in. Once he was in, she jumped right in and from there, the session began.

04-15-16_10-01-29 PM

Hearts flew out of the bush and sparkles can be seen. You can also hear them giggling.

“Hehehehe, I love you from the moon and back!”, Felicia said.

“I love you for eternity!”, Joaquin said.

Near the end of the woohoo session, fireworks can be heard popping! That mean this session went well, but was Felicia pregnant? Let’s find out!

04-15-16_10-01-56 PM

“Hehehehe. That was amazing!”, Felicia said.

“Couldn’t ask for a better woohoo!”, Joaquin said.

“Now to take that pregnancy test!”, Felicia said and went to the bathroom to take it.

04-15-16_10-02-41 PM

While she took it, confetti started flying everyone! Felicia is pregnant once again, folks! Hopefully it’ll be twins!

04-15-16_10-03-10 PM

“Joaquin, sweet bunny! I’m pregnant!”, Felicia said.

“Really??”, Joaquin asked.

“Yes, dear! The test speaks for itself!”, Felicia said.

“Hooray!!! There’s going to be a new addition in the family! Josh is going to be a big brother!”, Joaquin said.

More good news arrives at the Devereux family! There’s going to be a new addition in the family!

1.14 New Friends

04-15-16_10-47-08 PM

Have a jolly time with your friends!


It’s time for Josh to go out and make some new friends!

New Friends

04-15-16_10-23-44 PM

It’s another day in the Devereux household. Felicia is preparing some food while Josh grabbed some chips (not an ideal breakfast).

Once Josh finished his breakfast, he went to clean up and head to school.

04-15-16_10-25-51 PM

School was over for the day and Felicia greeted Josh with a hug.

“My sweet baby is back! How was school?”, Felicia asked.

“It was great! Today, we learned about the different colors on the color wheel and the alphabet!”, Josh said.

“Sounds like you had a great day!”, Felicia said.

“Also, my new friends told be about this club called the League of Adventurers, which is just for kids!”, Josh said.

“That sounds like fun! Want to join?”, Felicia asked.

“I would love too!”, Josh said.

“Okay, but after you finish your homework,” Felicia said.

04-15-16_10-26-19 PM

“Mommy, why is your tummy big?”, Josh asked.

“I’m pregnant! You’re going to be a big brother!”, Felicia said.

“That’s exciting!”, Josh said.

“Want to feel my tummy?”, Felicia asked.

“Sure!”, Josh said and he felt Felicia’s stomach.

“Is it a boy or girl?”, Josh asked.

“You’ll find out once Mommy gives birth!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_10-30-23 PM

Before Josh went to join the League of Adventurers, he did his homework and Felicia helped him. One hour later, Josh was finished with his homework and Felicia told him he can go join the League of Adventurers. Josh went on his phone and looked for the club list. Once he got there, he saw the League of Adventurers and he tapped on “Join”. A few seconds later, he got a text from the leader, Elsa Bjergsen, saying that she’s happy that he decided to join the League of Adventurers and was wondering if he’s available to join their gathering. He said yes and he headed to the Hare Square park, where the club hangout was.

‘Have fun, sweetie! Remember to not stay out too late!”, Felicia said.

“I won’t!”, Josh said and off he goes to have fun with the League of Adventurers club.

04-15-16_10-34-35 PM


At the park, all the members have arrived. Elsa Bjergsen was the leader and Lucas Munch and Max Villareal were the members.

“Hello, guys! I’m Josh Devereux and I’m so glad to here with you all!”, Josh said.

“Welcome, Josh! I’m Elsa Bjergsen, the leader of this club! I hope you have fun with us!”, Elsa said.

“Yo! I’m Max Villareal. I’m excited that you’re here with us! I lead the Renegades club. If you’re interested, check us out,” Max said.

“Hi, Josh! I’m Lucas Munch and I warmly welcome you to the club! I’m part of the Garden Gnomes and if you’re interested, let me know!”, Lucas said.

04-15-16_10-35-08 PM

Lucas and Max ran off to play while Josh chatted with Elsa about their school days.

“It’s sure a lovely day here, isn’t it, Elsa?”, Josh asked.

“It sure is!”, Elsa said.

“So, how was school for you?”, Josh asked.

“It was great! In my class, we learned the alphabet and the days of the weeks,” Elsa said.

“Cool! For me, we learned about the different colors on the color wheel and the alphabet!”, Josh said.

04-15-16_10-37-08 PM

After a nice chat about school, Elsa and Josh went to join Lucas and Max at the Starcruiser X Jungle Gym, where Hugo was there playing as the space monster.

“ROAR!!!”, Hugo said.

“HELP!! SPACE MONSTER!”, a little girl said.

“That’s Max’s older brother, Hugo, playing the space monster,” Elsa said.

“My mommy knows him! She and Hugo are in the Upper Crusts club!”, Josh said.

“I actually seen your mommy during one of the Upper Crusts gatherings. She’s pretty!”, Elsa said.

04-15-16_10-37-50 PM

Josh went to introduce himself to the little girl.

“Hello!! I’m Josh Devereux! What’s yours?”, Josh asked.

“Nice to meet you, Josh! My name is Lana Bergeron! I’m having so fun here! Are you?”, Lana asked.

“Yes I am It sure is a beautiful day here!!”, Josh said.

04-15-16_10-38-14 PM

“Positions, everyone! We got a space monster in our radar!”, Lucas said.

“Did you hear that, Josh? A space monster is coming!”, Lana said.

“Oh no! Better get on the ship!”, Josh said.

04-15-16_10-41-58 PM

The children had lots of fun playing on the jungle gym.

“Woo-hoo!! This is fun!”, Lana said.

“It sure is!!’, Josh said.

“Elsa’s doing a wonderful job as the leader!”, Lucas said.

“I agree with Lucas!”, Max said.

04-15-16_10-42-27 PM

Later, Max decided to quote a character from his favorite morning cartoon. It was so funny that everyone laughed! You know, despite that Max has the evil trait and was the leader of the Renegades, he ain’t that bad!

“LOL! You’re so funny, Max!!”, Josh said.

04-15-16_10-44-24 PM

Josh saw that Lana was having so much fun that he decided to invite Lana to the League of Adventurers.

“Say, Lana, wanna join the League of Adventurers?”, Josh asked.

“I’m not in any clubs and this club sounds like fun! So, yes!”, Lana said.

04-15-16_10-44-35 PM

“Yay!!”, Josh said and Lana laughed with tears coming out of her.

“Hahaha! This is the best day ever!! I get to be in a kids club!”, Lana said.

04-15-16_10-47-08 PM

Lana then introduced herself to Max and Lucas. Both boys were glad to meet her and that she’s part of the club.

“We’re so glad to have you in the club, Lana!”, Lucas said.

“You’re going have a time of your life with us!”, Max said.

04-15-16_10-48-44 PM

Lucas decided to tell a joke about bananas. It was so funny that everyone laughed hard.

“HAHAHA! You’re hilarious, Lucas!!”, Josh said.

“That was one humorous joke!!”, Max said.

04-15-16_10-57-06 PM

Later, Josh decided to take a selfie with Lana.

“Anjee!!”, they said and Josh took the selfie. He then show it to Lana.

“Wow, I look beautiful in this selfie!”, Lana said.

“You are certainly one beautiful girl!”, Josh said.

“Awww, thank you, Josh!”, Lana said.

04-15-16_10-57-46 PM

Meanwhile, a filthy and smelly park sleeper came up to Elsa and she made fun of him. No, Elsa, don’t do that. You know very well you shouldn’t make fun of adults. The park sleeper got disgruntled and as a result, Elsa got embarrassed.

04-15-16_10-58-07 PM

“What did mommy and daddy tell you about making fun about adults?”, the park sleeper said.

“It’s wrong to do that?”, Elsa said.

“Exactly!”, the park sleeper said.

“Sorry about that,” Elsa said as she giggled.

04-15-16_10-59-37 PM

It was getting late and it was time for Josh to go home.

“Well, friends, I shall be heading home now. My parents will be worried if I come home late,” Josh said.

“Thank you for hanging out with us! It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope you had fun!”, Elsa said.

“I did!”, Josh said.

“Thank you for inviting me to the club! I’m going to have a blast with you!”, Lana said.

“Well, I must be on my way now! See you later!”, Josh said and went home.

04-15-16_11-03-19 PM

Once Josh arrived home, Felicia greeted him.

“Hi, sweet bunny! How was your time with the League of Adventurers?”, Felicia asked.

“It was fun! I even made lots of friends!”, Josh said.

“That’s great! I’m happy for you! Now go wash up and get ready for bed! School day tomorrow!”, Felicia said and Josh went to get ready for bed.

04-15-16_11-05-12 PM

At 11 PM, Joaquin arrived home tired, so he went to get ready for bed as well. As soon he was in his sleepwear, he got into bed with his wife and fell asleep.

04-15-16_11-05-57 PM

I shall leave you with the family sleeping peacefully. Josh had a great day with the League of Adventurers and he looked forward to another gathering with them!


Max's message

Max texted Josh even though he’s nearby!

1.12 Paolo Visits

04-15-16_9-56-37 PM

Mom and son together


Recall from the last chapter that Josh rolled the lazy trait and his child aspiration was Artistic Prodigy. Josh will be working on his aspiration and the Devereuxs get a visitor as well.

Paolo Visits

04-15-16_9-46-09 PM

Since Josh rolled the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, the first milestone required that he have an activity table and draw two pictures while inspired. So, Felicia went and brought an activity table for him.

“Honey, I have something for you!”, Felicia said.

“What is it, Mommy?”, Josh asked.

“Ta-da! Here’s an activity table just for you!”, Felicia said.

“Yay! I get to draw some pictures! Thanks, Mommy!”, Josh said.

Before Josh went to draw pictures, he played with clay for a while to get inspired. Once he’s inspired, he got on the table and drew two pictures. Since he just acquired the creativity skill, the only things he can draw were shapes.

04-15-16_9-54-25 PM

After drawing those two pictures, he completed the first milestone of his aspiration! The next milestone called for reaching lvl 5 in the creativity skill and playing with 3 toys. It’ll take a while to get his creativity skill up to lvl 5 and funds were tight.

Later, Felicia got a call from Paolo and he asked her if it’s okay for him to come over and hang out. She said yes and he said that he’ll be on his way.

“Who called, Mommy?”, Josh asked.

“One of Mommy’s friends. He wants to hang out with me and meet you and Daddy!”, Felicia said.

“Okay!”, Josh said.

“Remember to be on your best behavior!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_9-48-20 PM

A few minutes later, Paolo has arrived and Felicia and Josh went to greet him.

Ciao, Felicia. It’s great to see you!”, Paolo said.

“Hi, Paolo. Nice to see you! This is my son, Josh. Josh, this is my friend, Paolo. Please call him Zio Paolo. Zio is ‘uncle’ in Italian,” Felicia said.

“Hello, Zio Paolo! It’s nice to meet you!”, Josh said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Josh! Tuo figlio è carino! Your son is cute!”, Paolo said.

“Thank you! He’s a splitting image of his father!”, Felicia said.

Later, Paolo wanted to get to know Josh’s father.

“My daddy’s a goofball, so do a funny intro when you meet him!”, Josh said.

“Okay!”, Paolo said and went up to Joaquin and introduced himself.

04-15-16_9-51-43 PM

“La ta ta! I’m the great Paolo Rocca!”, Paolo said as he introduced himself to Joaquin.

“HAHAHAHAHA! You’re funny!”, Joaquin said.

“You know it!”, Paolo said.

“Say, I’ve seen you before! Are you part of the Partihaus club?”, Joaquin said.

“That’s right! You’re part of the Spin Masters, right?”, Paolo asked.

“Yup!”, Joaquin said.

“Hi, sweetie! I see you’ve met Paolo!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_9-52-05 PM

Later, Joaquin decided to goof around with Paolo.

“Huh!”, Joaquin said.

“Excuse me?”, Paolo asked.

“Neh neh neh neh neh!”, Joaquin said.

04-15-16_9-52-50 PM

That made Paolo a bit aggravated.

“Hey! Are you picking on me?!”, Paolo said.

“Gooby gooby gooby!”, Joaquin said.

“Relax, Paolo. He’s just goofing around with you!”, Felicia said.

“Yeah, Zio Paolo! He’s a goofball, so he tends to goof around with people!”, Josh said.

“Well, I see! LOL! You’re funny, man!”, Paolo said.

04-15-16_9-53-11 PM

Paolo stuck around for two more hours and then it was time for him to go home.

“Well, it was nice hanging out with you all. I have you say, you guys make a very lovely family!”, Paolo said.

“That’s so nice of you to say that, Paolo!”, Joaquin said.

“Thank you for the lovely complement!!”, Felicia said.

“You all are welcome! Well, I must be on my way! Ciao! Catch you guys later!”, Paolo said and went home.

“He’s a nice guy, isn’t he?”, Felicia asked.

“He certainly is,” Joaquin said.

04-15-16_9-55-30 PM

Before the day was over, Josh completed his homework for tomorrow. Ninjapig watched as he did it.

“Ninjapig, thank you for protecting me and my parents!”, Josh said.

“Oink! Oink! (You’re welcome! That’s what I’m here for!)”, Ninjapig said.

“You’re the best, Ninjapig!”, Josh said and gave Ninjapig a hug.

“Oink! Oink! (Awwww, thank you!!)”, Ninjapig said and hugged him back. After they hugged, Josh went back to his homework. Ninjapig shall be the Devereux family’s guardian for eternity.


04-15-16_9-58-04 PM

No words to describe this! XD

1.11 Josh Ages Up

04-15-16_9-42-21 PM

Josh all grown up!


It’s time to age Josh up! This is exciting! I look forward to see what trait and aspiration he’ll roll.

Josh Ages Up

04-15-16_9-41-14 PM

Today’s the day Josh will age up! Happy Birthday, Josh! Felicia went towards the bassinet and aged Josh up. As it was shaking, a beautiful and handsome child came out! This outfit and hairstyle looked perfect on him!

Josh rolled the lazy trait and his child aspiration will be Artistic Prodigy. Since he’s lazy, he won’t like working out or doing house chores. Isn’t he cute? He’s got Felicia’s eye color and nose and Joaquin’s eyes and hair color.

04-15-16_9-41-48 PM

“Mommy!!!”, Josh said.

“Josh!!! You’re all grown up!! Wow, you got Mommy’s nose and eye color and Daddy’s eyes and hair color!”, Felicia said.

“Where’s Daddy?”, Josh asked.

“Let’s go outside and find him!”, Felicia said and the two went to find Joaquin.

04-15-16_9-43-01 PM

“Joaquin, sweetie! Josh aged up!”, Felicia said.

“Daddy!!!!”, Josh said.

“Josh, my son! My, you sure got Daddy’s looks, didn’t you?”, Joaquin said.

“Yes I did, Daddy!”, Josh said.

“He’s certainly a splitting image of you!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_9-44-13 PM

“Darling, he’s so cute!”, Joaquin said.

“Say, do I start school tomorrow?”, Josh asked.

“Yes, sweetie, you do!”, Felicia said.

“Oh boy! I can’t wait to make some new friends!”, Josh said.

“You’ll make lots of new friends, Josh. I guarantee it!”, Joaquin said.

04-15-16_9-45-28 PM

I shall leave you with Joaquin playing the guitar, Felicia writing her next book, and Josh playing with the lump of clay. Later, I went into CAS and gave Josh 4 more everyday outfits. Nowadays, I love giving my Sims 5 everyday outfits. Got to have variety, you know.

Now that Josh is a child, he’s ready to go out and make new friends!

Josh’s Outfits and Closeup

Josh Devereux (child)


Josh's Everyday Outfits

Josh’s everyday outfits

1.10 Showing off Little Josh

04-15-16_9-08-51 PM

Babies are the cutest things in the world!


Joaquin and Felicia had their first child and they decided to show it off to one of their friends!

Showing Off Little Josh

04-15-16_9-01-57 PM

It’s another great day at the Devereux household. The couple decided to invite one of their friends over to hang out and show off their newborn son. Joaquin suggested that they invite Candy Behr over, so he went ahead and gave her a call.

“Hello?”, Candy said.

“Candy!! My wife gave birth yesterday and we want to show you our baby!”, Joaquin said.

“Really?? Awww, I’m so happy for you two!! I’ll be right over!”, Candy said and headed to their house.

04-15-16_9-03-54 PM

Candy arrived 30 minutes later and Felicia went and gave Candy a hug.

“Candy!! I’m so glad you’re here!!”, Felicia said.

“Joaquin told me the great news! Congratulations on the new addition!”, Candy said.

“Thank you!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_9-04-44 PM

“Hi, Candy!! So glad you’re here!!”, Joaquin said.

“Joaquin, my Spin Masters friend!!”, Candy said.

“So, are you ready to see our child?”, Joaquin asked.

04-15-16_9-05-50 PM

“Yes, I am!! Where’s the little cutie??”, Candy asked.

“I’ll bring him out,” Felicia said and rolled out Josh’s bassinet. Joaquin took the honors and showed Josh off to Candy.

04-15-16_9-09-02 PM

“Candy, this is our son, Josh!”, Joaquin said.

“Awwww, he’s such a cutie!!”, Candy said as she touched her heart.

“I know, right?”, Joaquin said.

After showing Josh off, Candy went on the computer to play some games while Felicia and Joaquin had some alone time.

A few minutes later, Josh was crying and Candy went to check what was wrong.

“What’s wrong, Josh?”, Candy asked and Josh kept crying. Feeling tense, Candy tried to tell him to stop crying, but he wouldn’t.

04-15-16_9-11-25 PM

“Felicia? Joaquin? Help! Josh is crying and I don’t know what to do!”, Candy said.

Felicia came to the rescue.

“Thanks for letting me know, Candy! Looks like he’s hungry!”, Felicia said.

“I’ll watch him and you go get him some milk!”, Candy said.

“On it!”, Felicia said and she went to get Josh some milk.

04-15-16_9-11-47 PM

“It’s okay, sweetie. Mommy’s here,” Felicia said as she fed Josh milk.

“Say, that pig’s cute!”, Candy said.

“That’s not just any ordinary pig. That’s Ninjapig! She’s there to protect us from danger!”, Felicia said.

“That’s awesome!”, Candy said.

04-15-16_9-12-59 PM

Later, Felicia and Candy decided to get a selfie together because they became great friends.

“Wow, that’s a beautiful selfie of us, Felicia!”, Candy said.

“I know right? I especially love your hairstyle, especially the pink!”, Felicia said.

“Thank you! This is the Dipped Color hairstyle and the pink definitely looks great on me!”, Candy said.

04-15-16_9-16-02 PM

“I’m glad you two are becoming great friends!”, Joaquin said.

“I’m glad I got to know her. Thank you for introducing her to me!”, Felicia said.

“Your wife’s an amazing person! I was right when I said that you’re a perfect match for her!”, Candy said.

“I love him so much! He’s so handsome and goofy!”, Felicia said.

“Of course, he’s goofy and handsome!”, Candy said.

04-15-16_9-16-38 PM

The three chatted more until it was getting late.

“Well, Felicia and Joaquin, it was fun hanging out with you guys and meeting your son! Again, congratulations!”, Candy said.

“Thank you, Candy!”, Joaquin and Felicia said.

“You’re welcome! I must get going now. My sister, Yuki, is waiting for me to fix dinner! Catch you all later!”, Candy said and went home.

“Candy sure is a sweet girl!”, Felicia said.

“Most definately!! Like me, she’s also a DJ and a great dancer!!”, Joaquin said.

“Really?! Oh, you guys need to teach me some dance techniques!”, Felicia said.

“Will do!”, Joaquin said.

The two were tired and headed off to bed. Josh was already fast asleep. Another great day was waiting for them.

Josh's Birthday

A few Sim days later, I received this notification, telling me that Josh is almost ready to age up! I’ll be so excited on the day Josh ages up!

1.9 It’s Go Time!

04-15-16_8-43-39 PM

Welcome to the world, Josh Devereux!


It’s time for Felicia to give birth! This is an exciting moment to cherish! Could the child be Generation 2’s heir or heiress?

It’s Go Time!

04-15-16_8-36-18 PM

Felicia woke up early to finish a novel she was working on. A few seconds later, her water broke. That meant it’s time to give birth!

“HONEY! WAKE UP!”, Felicia said and Joaquin woke up.

“Ughhh, what’s with all the yelling?”, Joaquin said.

“MY WATER BROKE!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_8-37-46 PM

“WHAT?!”, Joaquin said.

“I’M READY TO GIVE BIRTH!!!”, Felicia said.

“OH, GEEZ! Well, we better get you to the hospital!!”, Joaquin said and he took Felicia to the Willow Creek Hospital.

04-15-16_8-38-44 PM

Once the two arrived, Joaquin was still in panic mode.

“OMG! OMG! My wife is ready to give birth! Is there a doctor on duty??”, Joaquin asked.

“Joaquin, dear, calm down. I’m sure he or she will arrive soon,” Felicia said.

“I’m here,” a voice said behind them.

04-15-16_8-38-53 PM

Everyone, meet Dr. Trevon Tubbs, who will deliver Felicia’s baby.

“Relax, everyone. The great Dr. Tubbs is here,” Dr. Tubbs said.

“Hey, doctor. My wife’s pregnant! Please-“, Joaquin said.

“Don’t worry, sir. Your wife and your baby will be in my good hands. Now, ma’am, before we can deliver your baby, please check in at the front desk,” Dr. Tubbs said and Felicia went to check in.

04-15-16_8-39-29 PM

The receptionist turned out to be Eric Lewis.

“Good morning, ma’am. I see you’re here to give birth. Congratulations!”, Eric said.

“Thank you! Anyway, I’m here to check in,” Felicia said.

“OK, give me a few minutes,” Eric said and checked in Felicia in. Once he’s done, Felicia proceeded to the operation room, where Dr. Tubbs will deliver the baby.

04-15-16_8-41-27 PM

Felicia changed into her medical gown and lied down on the operating table. From there, Dr. Tubbs started the operation.

“Is everything going to work out fine, Dr. Tubbs?”, Joaquin asked.

“As I mentioned earlier, your wife is in good hands,” Dr. Tubbs said.

“Relax, honey. I’ll be fine,” Felicia said.

It took Dr. Tubbs one hr to operate on Felicia and the operating machine successfully delivered Felicia’s baby.

04-15-16_8-42-44 PM

“Congratulations!! It’s a boy!”, Dr. Tubbs said.

“A boy? Yay!!”, Felicia said.

“What would you like to name him?”, Dr. Tubbs asked.

“His name will be Josh,” Felicia said.

“Beautiful name! Would you like to cuddle with him?”, Dr. Tubbs asked.

“Of course!”, Felicia said.

04-15-16_8-43-24 PM

Felicia got up, changed into her everyday clothes, and cuddled with Josh.

“Hey, Josh. This is your mommy! Daddy and I promise to take extra care of you,” Felicia said.

“Sweetie!”, Joaquin said.

“Dear! I gave birth to a baby boy! This is Josh!”, Felicia said.

“Awwww, he’s so cute! Let Daddy take a look at you!”, Joaquin said and cooed at Josh.

“Again, congratulations on your baby boy! Here’s a birth certificate for you,” Dr. Tubbs said and gave the couple the birth certificate.

“Thank you so much, doc!”, the couple said,

“No problem! You’re free to go! Have a wonderful day!”, Dr. Tubbs said and Felicia and Joaquin went home with Felicia cuddling Josh in her arms. According to the Gender Law I chose to follow, Josh will be Generation 2’s heir!

04-15-16_8-46-39 PM

At home, Joaquin got another look at Josh.

“You’re a cutie, aren’t you? Oh, yes you are!”, Joaquin said as he played with Josh. Meanwhile, Felicia was building a bedroom. Their bed and Josh’s bassinet will be in it.

After the bedroom was constructed, the bed and bassinet was moved to it. Felicia hung the birth certificate on the wall, just above Josh’s bassinet. Next to the bassinet will be a Ninjapig statue.

“What’s this?”, Joaquin asked.

“That’s Ninjapig. She’ll protect us from danger,” Felicia said.

“Ninjapig’s cute! I love her!”, Joaquin said.

04-15-16_8-50-59 PM

After Josh was put down for a nap, Felicia continued working on her novel while Joaquin practiced his guitar skills.

Jade's congratulatory message

Later, Jade texted Felicia to congratulate her on the new addition to the family. How sweet of you, Jade! 🙂

04-15-16_8-50-04 PM

Don’t worry, little Josh. Ninjapig will protect you and your parents from danger.

*Ninjapig oinks* ( . . )

Welcome to the world, Josh Devereux! There’s a lot to look forward to in the future! 🙂

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